15 Healthy And Savory High Protein Food – High Protein Recipes

You do not need to restrict yourself from delicious, flavor-rich foods whenever you are on any type of diet plan—and this includes a high-protein diet plan. With that said, I have listed down for you a number of best high protein meals that are budget-friendly and easy to do:

15. Low-Carb Hatch Chile Cheddar Egg Bites

Egg Bites, or low-carb egg muffins, are a delicious and healthy, grab and go breakfast. Make them on a Sunday night and enjoy them when you need a quick nibble. These Hatch Chile Cheddar Egg Bites make the perfect, high protein gluten-free breakfast. They’re also a nice way to cook eggs for a brunch.

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14. Adai Recipe | Adai Dosa

Adai recipe with step by step pics. Adai is a delicious protein-rich rice and lentils pancake from the South Indian cuisine. A vegan dish.

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13. The Best Instant Pot Chicken Breast

Looking for the best Instant Pot chicken breast recipe? You’ve found it. This method produces flavourful, tender, perfect chicken breasts using fresh or frozen chicken. Excellent for meal prep and make-ahead meal solutions.

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12. Easy Slow Cooker Lentil Curry (GF, Vegan)

This Easy Slow Cooker Lentil Curry is simple to make with only pantry staples. It is full of flavor, easy to double up and a perfect make ahead recipe that is freezer friendly.

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11. Cream Cheese Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Cream cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast in a creamy flavorful sauce baked in the oven. This quick and easy healthier low carb dish will please your family!

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10. Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy flavorful chicken marsala, served up with an elegant quick and easy to prepare mushroom sauce for dinner. This is a great date night, one pan skillet, low carb/keto chicken recipe!

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9. Skillet Gypsy Schnitzel Dinner

This delicious Gypsy dinner recipe is a German skillet dinner made of pork schnitzel, veal, or chicken cutlets paired with onions and fresh peppers and then smothered in a creamy sauce. It’s sure to be a huge hit with the whole family!

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8. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Herb Chicken and Potatoes

This Sheet Pan Mediterranean Herb Chicken and Potatoes dinner is super easy: cut all the ingredients, spread them on a baking sheet, and put them in the oven! Sprinkle with feta and rosemary for the final touch – done!

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7. Bison Meatballs

These delicious bison meatballs are a healthier alternative to ground beef. Super quick and easy to make, they are ready to serve in less than half an hour and can be made ahead of time. Stir them into your favorite marinara sauce and serve over pasta for the most perfect comfort food.

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6. Chili Lime Mahi Mahi with Avocado Cream Sauce

This low-carb mahi-mahi dish is bursting with flavor! Baked in a chili-lime marinade and topped with a creamy avocado sauce, it’s a recipe you’ll want to make over and over again!

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5. Ham and Cheese Biscuits

Quick drop biscuits that are light and tender with bits of ham and cheese baked right inside! This is an easy to make biscuit and there’s no rolling out the dough. Perfect for a grab and go breakfast or lunch! 

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4. Salmon Meal Prep With Veggies (High Protein)

In just under 40 minutes, you can have this high protein salmon meal prep ready for the days to come. These salmon bowls come with vegetables that are packed with nutrients.

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3. Red Kidney Bean Burger Bowls (High Protein)

These kidney bean burgers are vegetarian-friendly and taste absolutely delicious, accompanied with fresh vegetables. The burgers are spicy, flavorful, and filling! This dish is high in protein, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

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2. Balsamic Tofu (20 Minutes)

Crispy Balsamic Tofu with roasted red peppers is a quick and easy meal that comes together in just 20 minutes. Vegan, gluten free, and perfect for meal prep, this tofu recipe will become your go-to.

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1. Green Moong Dal Instant Pot

Instant pot green moong dal is a wholesome protein packed lentil soup. Easily made in instant pot and no pre soaking of lentils is required. Serve this dal with rice or chapathi or enjoy as a soup. Vegan & Gluten free too!

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