Construction or Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Need some creative activities for your kids without needing a lot of waste? Then here are some easy construction or tissue paper crafts your kids will enjoy! See also Girls Crafts and Activities.

15. Tissue Paper Mickey Wreath

Today starts our “Very Merry Christmas” week over on Instagram and I am kicking things off with this DIY Tissue Paper Mickey Wreath! And friends, this is a FUN one to make!

Check it here.

14. Painted Rainbow Leaf Craft

If you’ve been here awhile then you know how much I love a pop of color, right?! So, as soon as I saw the leaves starting to turn here, I knew I wanted to do a colorful take on this classic painted leaf craft! This is a great activity + science lesson in one (hello my fellow virtual learning mamas)!

Check it here.

13. Easy Spring Craft: Make Tissue Paper Butterflies

This fun paper butterfly craft is a favorite craft for any child. With few supplies and no glue or tape, this easy spring craft is perfect for even the littlest of crafty kids!

Check it here.

12. Cow Craft For Kids

Do you need a fun farm animal craft for the kids to make? This easy cow craft is simple, fun, and great for young kids!

Check it here.

11. Koala Handprint Craft For Kids

Koalas are such cuddly little animals it’s no wonder that kids are naturally drawn to them! We love them just as much, which is why we made this koala handprint craft. It’s a simple zoo animal craft for kids that’s adorable and fun to create.

Check it here.

10. Stained Glass Tissue Paper Crafts

Create beautiful Tissue Paper Crafts with the kids for fun window decorations perfect for Spring and Summer!

Check it here.

9. How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are a fun, cheap decoration that anyone can make. Today I’m showing you how to make paper pom poms step-by-step.

Check it here.

8. How to Make an Awesome Owl Pinata

With mainly girls in the family I was princessed-out and thought some woodland decorations would be a nice change. And what kind of party would it be without a birthday pinata? Now I didn’t start out planning to make the owl pinata but after a quick trip to the store I 1) couldn’t find and owl pinata, and 2) didn’t want to pay $20 for another random design. So I headed home, grabbed a cereal box and made our own yellow owl birthday pinata.

Check it here.

7. Cherry Blossom Tissue Paper Craft

This year my son was so impressed with how the trees seemed to come into bloom almost overnight. So when I was planning for our preschool unit on Japan, I wanted to include a craft that involved cherry blossoms.

Check it here.

6. Simple Birthday Card for Kids to Make

There are few things sweeter than receiving a handmade card from a young child. And although this birthday card (or poster) is easy for young kids to make, the end result looks fantastic!

Check it here.

5. Construction Paper Flowers Craft

If you are looking for a simple and fun craft that also makes a great gift, then you will enjoy this construction flower craft. I got the idea from the back of a package of Crayola construction paper. These construction paper flowers are easy to make and are fun for all ages; and the best part is that they don’t have to be perfect – they are unique and individual as the flowers the people making them.

Check it here.

4. Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft

Disney fans are going to love this Paper Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft! It is perfect for an afternoon craft session to pair with the Disney The Little Mermaid movie!

Check it here.

3. Tissue Paper Bird Suncatcher

This tissue paper bird suncatcher is SO easy to make and is the perfect way to use all of that saved up tissue paper! No printable is needed here as it really couldn’t be easier to draw your own bird shape but don’t worry if you are unsure how as we will step you through the process. A great craft that kids of all ages can take part in!

Check it here.

2. Paper Flower Monster Craft

Keep kids busy with this paper flower monster craft. Made by accordion folding paper and decorating with our free monster face printable these flowers are simple and lots of fun for school-aged children.

Check it here.

1. Heart Suncatcher Craft

It doesn’t get easier that this Heart Suncatcher Craft! It’s perfect for decorating your windows for Valentine’s Day! Simply cut out a heart outline and apply contact paper to one side, then stick squares of tissue paper to the contact paper and finish it with another piece of contact paper on the back.

Check it here.

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