20+ Best Graduation Party Ideas | Graduation Food and Decor Ideas

Congratulations on hitting another big milestone! Whether it’s you or your child who’s just graduated, a celebration is definitely in order. A graduation party packed with yummy treats is the perfect way to mark the occasion!

To help you throw an unforgettable bash, here are 21 top graduation party ideas, covering everything from food to decor!

Graduation Party ideas

21. Easy Strawberry Cake Roll for Grad Party Guests

This Strawberry Cake Roll might look like it’s straight out of a fancy bakery, but it’s super simple to whip up! It’s a fantastic choice for graduation parties, offering a delightful dessert that won’t break the bank.

Just grab a container of fresh strawberries—often a steal this time of year, even in Atlantic Canada where I live—and some whipping cream, and you’re all set without spending too much.

Show up with this stunning strawberry cake roll, and your friends will think you’re the next Martha Stewart! It looks so elegant—no one needs to know just how easy it is to make.

This Easy Strawberry Cake Roll combines fluffy white cake, sweet vanilla whipped cream, and juicy summer strawberries into a gorgeous, make-ahead dessert. It’s a hit from every angle!

Easy Strawberry Cake Roll for Grad Party Guests

Graduation Party Ideas

20. Graduation Trophies as Centerpieces of College Graduation Party!

Oh, how time flies—it’s almost the end of the school year already, so celebration is definitely in the air!

When we stumbled upon some adorable printable bookmarks from Mollie last week, we instantly knew we had the perfect use for our collection of thrifted animal figurines.

Lately, we’ve been finding mini cat and dog ceramic figures at our local thrift store. We weren’t quite sure what we’d do with them at first, but a quick coat of Apple Barrel acrylic paint has completely transformed them!

To add a really cute touch to your grad’s party, why not turn these into the most adorable graduation trophies? They’d make perfect, charming centerpieces!

Graduation Trophies as Centerpieces of College Graduation Party!

19. DIY High School Graduation Party Idea & Tips for a Stress Free Party

Throwing a party for someone who just graduated with a chemistry or biology degree? Celebrate their achievement with a science-themed bash!

Think periodic table placemats, test tubes for sipping drinks, and a backdrop adorned with scientific equations to really set the mood.

I hope these tips help you throw a stress-free celebration, no matter where you are—they certainly made my planning process a breeze. So, calling all party enthusiasts, do you have any tips for keeping a party simple yet fun? I’d love to hear your ideas!

DIY High School Graduation Party Idea & Tips for a Stress Free Party

18. Backyard Games for Grad Parties

If the weather’s good, why not spice up your party with some fun backyard games? It doesn’t matter much which games you pick, but you can’t go wrong with a classic like cornhole.

It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, add some friendly competition, and keep your guests entertained for hours!

Backyard Games for Grad Parties

17. DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives – Graduation Party Decoration

Graduation season is here already! Can you believe it? When Balloon Time invited me to create a graduation-themed DIY using balloons, I immediately thought of yearbook superlatives.

Fun fact: Jeff and I were voted best dressed, and that’s kind of where our story started! So, I thought, why not bring those superlatives to life with balloons?

Imagine cutting out photos of your friends and assigning them fun (or totally silly) titles like “Most Likely to Be President” or “Best Hair.”

These balloons aren’t just decorations—they’re conversation starters and a blast of entertainment for any grad party. If you want to try making these balloon superlatives, you can check out the full tutorial right here.

They’re sure to add a personalized and playful touch to the celebration!

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives - Graduation Party Decoration

16. School Spirit Keychains – Graduation Party Idea for Guys and Girls

Celebrate your college grad and their friends with some sparkle by creating glittery keychains featuring their school logo.

These keychains aren’t just great party favors for graduation celebrations; they’re versatile enough to be personalized with any logo, making them perfect gifts for grads, teachers, sorority sisters, and more!

Here’s a neat trick to enhance your DIY keychains: Cricut’s glitter vinyl has a silver glitter underside.

So, when you place any color of glitter vinyl on the bottom of the disk, the silver-glitter underside will shine through to the front, adding an extra dazzle to your design! This simple technique allows for a stunning visual effect with minimal effort.

School Spirit Keychains

15. Instagram-Themed Fun Graduation Party… In a Box!

It sounds like you’ve put together an incredibly thoughtful and festive graduation celebration package for your sister Lisbeth! It’s so sweet that you’re making her feel special and celebrated even from afar.

Creating a personalized care package with a mix of custom decorations and a touch of personalization using Bible verses and Instagram themes is a fantastic idea.

Incorporating Jeremiah 29:11 for motivation and using tools like PicMonkey for photo editing and the Silhouette machine for crafting unique decorations like monogrammed silver seals really elevates the entire gift.

Your enthusiasm and creativity in designing these elements show just how proud you are of her achievements. I’m sure Lisbeth will feel immensely loved and appreciated when she receives this care package.

The attention to detail and the personal touches will undoubtedly make her graduation feel extra special. What a wonderful way to celebrate her hard-earned Master’s degree in Counseling from Westminster Seminary!

Let’s hear about the rest of the goodies in the package!

Instagram-Themed Graduation Party {In a Box!}

Graduation Party Ideas

14. Make a College Graduation Cap Gift Jar for Congrats Grad

That’s a clever and creative way to present a graduation gift, especially when it involves money! Repurposing a jar that once held dried herbs adds a personal touch and makes the gift presentation more engaging than the typical white envelope.

Rolling up a check and placing it inside such a jar not only enhances the aesthetic but also adds an element of surprise for the recipient.

Using the jar for other gift representations is a fantastic idea too. For example, if you’re giving a larger item like a laptop, using the jar to contain a picture and a message about the gift is both practical and delightful.

It’s a fun way to give them a hint without having to carry the actual item to the ceremony.

This method adds a playful twist to gift-giving and makes the occasion memorable. Such thoughtful presentations are sure to be appreciated and remembered!

Make a College Graduation Cap Gift Jar

13. Delicious Tiropitas (Greek Cheese Triangles)

That’s fantastic! Tiropitas are such a delightful treat—flaky, cheesy, and absolutely delicious. They really do make the perfect appetizer for any gathering, be it Easter or a graduation party.

It’s great that they only need four ingredients, making them not only tasty but also incredibly easy to prepare. Would you like to share your version of the recipe, or perhaps some tips on how to get them just right?

Tiropitas ( Greek Cheese Triangles)

12. Homemade Alabama Firecrackers

These homemade Alabama Firecrackers are sure to be the spicy highlight of your next event! Just mix the ingredients and let them marinate to unleash their full flavor.

This easy-to-prepare seasoned cracker recipe is perfect for getting ready a day ahead of your party or picnic.

Alabama Firecrackers

11. Customizable Printable Graduation Napkin Rings – Party Favor

Got a graduation on the horizon? Check this out—you can print your own customizable graduation napkin rings. Adjust the date and year to suit your celebration before printing.

It’s a personalized touch that’s sure to impress your guests!

Customizable Printable Graduation Napkin Rings

10. Easy to Make Baked Chicken Taquitos

These Baked Wonton Chicken Taquitos are a breeze to make and incredibly tasty. Stuffed with chicken, cream cheese, and salsa verde, all wrapped in wonton wrappers, they’re perfect for your next sports watch party.

Plus, they freeze well, so you can prep them in advance!

Easy Baked Chicken Taquitos

9. Hilarious Graduation Party Games for High School or College

These creative and fun graduation party games are perfect for any graduation event, whether it’s high school, college, or even preschool! You can easily set these games up using items you already have around the house.

Play these entertaining games at any graduation celebration to add excitement and create lasting memories for all your guests.

Hilarious Graduation Party Games

8. Festive Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Homemade Watermelon Mint Lemonade offers a delightful twist on traditional lemonade and screams summer with its vibrant bright pink hue!

This fruity and refreshing drink is perfect for cooling down the whole family on a hot day, with the fresh flavors of watermelon and a hint of mint to keep things interesting. It’s the ideal beverage to sip while soaking up the sun or relaxing in the shade!

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

7. Try Easy DIY Graduation Cupcake Toppers Made From Upcycled K-cups!

Are you planning a graduation party this year? If so, don’t miss out on this super easy DIY project for making graduation cupcake toppers from upcycled k-cups! They’re not just easy to create but also very budget-friendly.

This innovative idea helps you add a personalized touch to your celebration while also being environmentally conscious by repurposing k-cups. A win-win for your party and the planet!

Easy DIY Graduation Cupcake Toppers Made From Upcycled K-cups!

6. Graduation Party Theme Food Idea: Chocolate Graduation Caps

If you’re celebrating a graduation this spring, no matter if it’s for preschool or law school, here’s a fun and easy dessert idea for you: Chocolate Graduation Caps!

These treats are perfect for adding a themed touch to your graduation party and are sure to delight guests of all ages.

Graduation Party Food Idea - Chocolate Graduation Caps

5. Fun DIY Graduation Cap Card Holder

Do you know someone graduating this year? Planning a graduation party? Then you might want to check out this creative upcycle project: a DIY graduation cap card holder.

It’s a stylish and functional way to collect cards from guests, and it adds a personalized touch to your celebration.

DIY Graduation Cap Card Holder

4. Easy DIY Graduation Party Plates with Tassels

Celebrate your favorite graduate with these fun DIY tassel party plates. They are incredibly easy to make and will add a festive flair to any graduation party.

Perfect for serving up snacks or desserts, these plates will help make your celebration even more memorable!

DIY Graduation Party Plates with Tassels

3. Best High School Graduation Gifts on a Budget

Graduation season is upon us! It’s important to celebrate the special graduates in our lives, but keeping costs down is also essential. We’ve come up with some affordable graduation gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

These budget-friendly gifts are also perfect as end-of-year gifts for students. Celebrate without the financial stress!

High School Graduation Gifts on a Budget

2. Best Stress Free Graduation Party Ideas 2024

Throwing a graduation party doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are plenty of simple, stress-free ways to celebrate that will make your event memorable.

From easy setup tips to fun, low-maintenance activities, these ideas will help you host a graduation party that’s remembered as one of the best!

Stress Free Graduation Party Ideas

1. Picture Perfect Graduation Decoration Idea 2024

Celebrate your graduate in style with these picture-perfect graduation decorations. Incorporating photos of the graduate throughout the years into the party decor is a wonderful way to personalize your celebration.

From photo-enhanced food presentations to customized party favors, these decoration ideas celebrate your graduate’s journey and achievements beautifully.

Picture Perfect Graduation Decorations


Graduation Party ideas

20+ Best Graduation Party Food and Decor Ideas

Graduation Party ideas

Celebrate in style with 21 best graduation party ideas in 2024, featuring food and decoration inspirations.


  • Printable Graduation Water Bottle Label
  • Tiropitas ( Greek Cheese Triangles)
  • Alabama Firecrackers
  • DIY Graduation Advice Tree


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