11 Kid Friendly Summer Charcuterie Boards

There may have come a time in your life when you asked yourself “What the heck is a charcuterie board?”. Simply said, charcuterie is a type of culinary art in which you display wonderful delicacies on a board such as meat, cheese, crackers, fruits, and more! And the way they are prepared are appealing and appetizing that’s why they are not only great for parties, but for children who are picky eaters! You can lay out pieces of veggies and fruits in a fun and creative way, and they will still devour it! With that said, here are 11 kid-friendly summer charcuterie boards you can prepare in no time: 

11. Keto Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a kid friendly keto charcuterie board, you’ve come to the right place! Keto charcuterie is such a fun appetizer to serve at a party with friends!

Check it here.

10. How to make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board?! I’m a major fan of these fun snack spreads and this Dessert Charcuterie Board might just be my new favorite. It doesn’t get much better than dark chocolate, graham crackers, meats and cheeses, and more; there’s just so much for the tastebuds!

Check it here.

9. Easy Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Bright, colorful, and jam-packed with delicious snacks both kids and adults will love, this super easy Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board will be the highlight of any party!

Check it here.

8. Sandwich Charcuterie Board

This is the ultimate build your own sandwich charcuterie board! It comes together with gluten free bread, slices of vegan cheese, creamy avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, peppers, cucumber, mustard, and more.

Check it here.

7. Cookie Charcuterie Board (Dessert)

This cookie charcuterie board is such a fun way to serve sweet treats at special events or family gatherings! Pack your cookie board with your favorite charcuterie decorated cookies, then add some fresh fruit, gluten-free graham crackers, dried fruit, and more if you’d like.

Check it here.

6. Waffle Charcuterie Board

It’s time to take out your waffle maker because these healthy homemade waffles recipes will brighten your breakfast or brunch table.

Check it here.

5. Easter Charcuterie Board

There are a lot of ideas on what and how you can make a dessert and candy board for the Easter holiday but here is a simple and easy way to create your own!

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4. Kid’s Summer Snack Board

Bring out your child’s inner foodie with the Summer Kid’s Snack Board. It’s the perfect way to serve children snacks during the summer months when they’re home from school and feeling hungry!

Check it here.

3. How To Make Charcuterie Cones

Charcuterie cones are a new food trend – adorable hand-held cones filled that look like little bouquets, and the perfect way to enjoy your typical grazing board ingredients without touching the same ingredients as everyone else!

Check it here.

2.  5 Best Charcuterie Board Ideas

The 5 best Charcuterie Board Ideas to impress, plus all the top tips, tricks, and ‘formulas’ to creating the perfect charcuterie board every single time! Holiday, brunch and vegan appetizer board ideas can be the starting point for your own unique platter or follow the directions as is for starter plates everyone will enjoy.

Check it here.

1. Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

A Valentine’s Day charcuterie board with chocolate fruit dip is a fun recipe to make, and one that you, your spouse, and the kids can enjoy!

Check it here.

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