15 Back to School Organization Tips – Best DIY Ideas for Kids Organization

As the new school year is getting closer, most of us want to get more organized in our lives and goals. These back to school DIY ideas and projects will definitely help put you put your thoughts and everything else together.

Some people are organized by nature, but a lot more people need to work on getting a better organization with the help of tools like bullet journals, planners, binders. If the same applies to your kids then these ideas will help you organize your entire family and get ready for the back to school time!

15. Prepare morning and bedtime routine

As they get older we just have rules. In the morning they have to have their bedrooms and bathrooms picked up and tidy before leaving to school. If they don’t, they don’t get technology that day.

14. Meal Plan Lunches

Instead of trying to think of something to make for your kids for lunch in the morning, make a lunch meal-plan for the entire week and prepare – and have your kids help prepare – the lunches in the evening so they’re ready to go in the morning.

13. Get an Alarm Clock for Kids

If your kids are in school they are definitely old enough to start doing some things independently.

Rather than having them rely on you to wake them up every morning, get their clothes, pack their lunches, etc., allow them the freedom to wake up when they want, but with enough time to get ready before school, pack their lunches, and get dressed.

12. Get Organized in the Evening

When school finally starts up again, get into the habit of getting everything ready the night before.

This way, instead of having to deal with tantrums and fits over what outfit they want to wear, school lunches, and whatever else in the morning when you’re trying to get the kids ready for school, you can have everything laid out and ready to go in the evening, so that in the morning everyone grabs their designated piles and gets on their way.

11. Get Back Into a Routine

If you and your kids are used to staying up late and sleeping in all summer, jumping into the back to school grind of getting up at 6:30 will take its toll on you.

Instead, start getting everyone back into the school routine before school even starts. Start getting everyone to bed earlier and getting back into the routine of waking up earlier as early as a week or two prior to school starting.

10. Gather Supplies

On your back to school to-do list you should include a section for back to school supplies. But, before you head out and buy those supplies, do a quick search through your house to see if you have any carry-over stock from last year’s back to school shopping that you could use this year.

There may be extra pencils that your kids didn’t end up using, rulers, calculators, pencil sharpeners, etc. hiding in your house.

9. Transform a File Bin Into a School Paper Organizer

At the beginning of the school year, write your kid’s name and grade on the file bin. Then use dividers to section off parts of the bin. You can organize it by subject, month, or even by type of paper. Throughout the year add papers to the bin.

8. Create a designated drop zone for backpacks and school papers

Near the door that your kids come in, create a drop zone for their supplies. Use hooks to hold their backpacks, and a paper holder for their school papers.

7. Create a designated library book basket

Using a label, attach it to a basket near the door. Put all of your library books here so you never lose them in the house.

6. Use a small drawer system for laying out clothes

As a busy mom, you may not always have time to lay out your kid’s clothes for the week. Instead, use a small cart or drawer system to lay out your clothes! Label each day of the week and put the clothes your kids will wear right in the drawers!

5. Make a dry erase meal planner for your family

You can make your own dry erase meal planner using a simple Dollar Tree picture frame! On a piece of cardstock write Meal Planner and the days of the week on the paper. Then slide it into the picture frame, and reuse it all year long!

4. Create A Family Command Center

To establish this center of communication while keeping it clear and functional, Jen carved out a space in her home to hang a large wall calendar, chore chart, visual schedule for the younger ones, and a meal planner to eliminate any “But what’s for dinner!” distractions.

Keeping it simple and straightforward makes it easy for both Jen and her kids to maintain so they can all be superstars.

3. Easily construct a DIY homework station

Keeping distractions at bay at homework time can be a harder task to tackle than helping your fourth grader with their geometry homework. Amy of Mom Advice found the answer (to the distraction problem, not to, “Which of these figures is a quadrilateral?”).

2. Fashion a kid’s reading nook

We all know education goes beyond the classroom. Nailing the first component of the three Rs is critical for school success.

1. DIY a double-sided Do Not Disturb sign

Your phone is on silent and screen-side down on the desk. Your playlist of instrumental jams is ready to help you concentrate without the threat of distracting solo karaoke sessions.

The brain-boosting snacks are lined up next to the grande latte. It’s study time, and you. are. ready.

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