Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Even before you know that you missed a period, are there some reliable very early pregnancy symptoms? It all varies from one woman to another, but for some, the first signs of pregnancy come up within just two weeks after conception.

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Since the intensity of early pregnancy symptoms can be quite low, for many of us they will seem just like pre-menstrual slight pain, not more than this.

What are the very early signs of pregnant woman?

Minor Bleeding and/or Cramping

A short period of vaginal bleeding is not uncommon as one of the early pregnancy symptoms. The blood should have a lighter color than your typical menstruation bleeding. This symptom, as well as slight abdominal cramping, are both caused by the process when the fertilized egg is attaching to the lining of the uterus. Thus the name of this abnormal “period”- the implantation bleeding, it happens 10-14 days post-fertilization.

Changes in breasts

As early as two weeks after conception, your body will start experiencing hormonal changes which can result in some sensations other than normal for your in breasts. You might feel them heavier, fuller, or to the contrary, more tender and sensitive to careless touch. Tingly nipples are also a quite common early sign of pregnancy.

Spots and acne

When you are pregnant, your hormonal changes happen in the very first weeks. This can cause a sudden eruption of spots or even acne, especially if you were prone to those as a teenager.


One of the frequent early symptoms of pregnancy is tiredness and fatigue, which are caused by the progesterone hormonal levels going up. This hormone in high doses can work as a sleep-inducing drug.

Another reason for you to feel low energy during pregnancy is that your body needs to raise blood generation. So, your body is saving energy in every possible way.

Most common Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Higher than normal basal body temperature

First, you might be wondering what is the basal body temperature? That’s the temperature that you have first when you wake up. Some women are measuring basal temperature to determine when they ovulate, so if you have been doing this, it will help you understand that you are pregnant. If your basal body temperature has been raising for more than two weeks, probably the pregnancy test will be positive.

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period


One of the classic early symptoms of pregnancy, morning nausea can begin for some women as early as two weeks after conception. One of the reasons for this sickness in pregnant women is high levels of estrogen, which causes the stomach to digest food slower.

Nausea can be also provoked by strong smells, certain foods, cigarette smoke – and you are stricken with a wave of sickness.


High levels of progesterone change the regular digestion processes in pregnant women, and this results in constipation issues quite often.

Slight to Mild Headaches

During the early pregnancy stages, many women experience a significant increase in blood circulation. This might trigger headaches of moderate intensity quite frequently.


Another symptom of pregnancy has been depicted in movies and literature so many times – and in fact, this happens quite often. Pregnant women can feel dizzy and lightheaded very easily because of the low blood sugar.

Food cravings and aversions

One of the typical symptoms pregnant women are known for is being picky about certain foods, for example, fried foods, coffee. On the other hand, pregnant women often have irresistible food cravings. All of those are caused by the hormonal changes in the first trimester.

Mood swings

This one has gone further than movies – everyone knows that arguing with a pregnant woman is a bad idea, and the mood can change very fast from the absolute happiness to a sudden depression or anger. Again, hormones are taking over us women during the pregnancy and make us emotionally unstable, especially in the first trimester.

The undoubted pregnancy symptoms

Period being late

This one is usually the symptom which makes your pregnancy really obvious. Many women don’t have any of the previously discussed symptoms, or they might even experience some discomfort and think of it as just some regular pre-menstrual issues.

Interestingly, some women might have a period while already being pregnant, but the period will be unusually light and short.

Feeling Weird

Well, if you are just feeling weird or different, probably that’s why you are reading this checklist now.

That’s how most women know about their pregnancy – and this “different” feeling can include some of the symptoms we already mentioned, such as being moody, tired, sleepy or smelling things much stronger than normal.

Stop guessing – do a Pregnancy Test 🙂

Nothing is more surefire than a pregnancy test of course. Home pregnancy tests nowadays are pretty accurate. And with many tests, you can even know the answer several days before the missed period.

Even before you know that you missed a period, are there some reliable very early pregnancy symptoms? It all varies from one woman to another, but for some, the first signs of pregnancy come up within just two weeks after conception.

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