33 Best Easter Brunch Recipes

Is it your time to host the Easter holiday party for your family or friends, but you’re not the kind to get up extra early in the morning and prepare a massive buffet? Why not throw an Easter brunch party if that’s the case? Here are 33 healthy and delicious best Easter brunch recipes you can prepare in just 30 minutes or less! Expand your brunch menu!

Easter brunch recipes

33. Sausage and Pancake Casserole

Casseroles rank high among our preferred Easter brunch concepts, as they offer multiple servings in a simple-to-create meal. This particular casserole delivers the flavor of pigs in a blanket, minus the labor-intensive process of wrapping each piece individually.

Through experimentation, I’ve perfected a pancake casserole recipe that my family consistently requests. It’s both simple to prepare and incredibly tasty.

32. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake vs Coffee Cake

In case you’re torn between a strawberry coffee cake and a rhubarb variant, this strawberry-rhubarb crumb cake recipe offers the best of both worlds. Bursting with sweetness and springtime fruit, this delightful inclusion completes any Easter meal.

This scrumptious crumb cake takes advantage of the season’s fresh rhubarb and strawberries. Present it as a coffee cake for brunch or breakfast, a dessert cake, or as a contribution to a potluck gathering.

31. Classic Eggs Benedict – Best Easter Brunch Idea

Eggs Benedict epitomizes comfort food, with its emphasis on both texture and taste. The English muffin should retain a certain tenderness, allowing for effortless slicing with a knife, without causing cracks or crumbles. Consuming eggs Benedict should evoke the sensation of sinking one’s teeth into a delicate, pillowy cloud.

30. Nutty Banana Bread For Easter Brunch Celebration

Blending walnuts, raisins, and dried fruit in a banana bread rich with nuts culminates in an irresistibly soft and moist loaf.

This nutty banana bread is an ideal autumnal concoction. Its warmth and coziness perfectly accompany a steaming cup of tea or coffee on a chilly, drizzly fall day. The fusion of ripe bananas, crunchy walnuts, and sweet-tart raisins and dried fruit results in an undeniably delectable loaf.

Nutty banana bread has quickly become my top go-to recipe. In the past two weeks alone, I’ve prepared about four batches, each vanishing within two to three days without fail. My spouse and I simply can’t resist it. Moreover, its ease of preparation makes it all the more enticing.. 

29. Crunchy Carrot Cake Biscotti For Your Easter Breakfast Table

Carrot cake biscotti offers a crisp, crumbly texture that appeases all your carrot cake yearnings. The incorporation of carrots and walnuts infuses these Italian biscuits with a distinct seasonal taste, winning over audiences whenever I prepare them in spring or throughout the year. Relish them plain or enhance their sweetness and flavor with a white chocolate drizzle. Brew a pot of steaming coffee or hot cocoa, as these carrot cake biscotti serve as the quintessential dunking cookies.

28. Breakfast Strata With Bread, Eggs, Veggies, Ham And Cheese

The Breakfast Strata constitutes a robust baked casserole brimming with bread, eggs, ham, cheese, and vegetables, guaranteed to satiate your hunger until your midday meal. Best Easter brunch idea!

Effortless to assemble, this protein-packed and carbohydrate-rich dish can even be prepped the evening prior, allowing for a simple morning bake. Hearty, savory, and cheesy, this festive brunch staple offers comforting flavors to be relished throughout the year.

27. Get Your Easter Brunch on With These Fluffy Vegan Lemon Scones Recipe

Attention, brunch enthusiasts! We present to you the ultimate scone recipe. These lemon scones serve as an ideal breakfast treat, offering a refreshing, savory, and scrumptious experience. As a bonus, they’re vegan and can be easily modified for gluten-free diets by substituting the flour with a gluten-free mix. Additionally, these scones have a more subtle sweetness compared to many other breakfast pastries. So, seize your preferred mimosa concoction and promptly include these delightful scones in your Easter brunch lineup.

26. Strawberry Rose Donuts With Sour Cream

Adorable rosy-hued baked donuts make an ideal Easter morning treat! Utilizing freeze-dried strawberries imparts an authentic strawberry taste without compromising the texture. A hint of rose water adds a delicate floral essence that harmonizes beautifully with the strawberry flavor. The topping consists of fresh, blended strawberries, infusing the donuts with delightful tastes and ensuring an attractive presentation on your table.

25. Avocado Toasts With Sweet Balsamic Glaze

Avocados have garnered near-celestial acclaim in recent times, and deservedly so! Rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, they provide both satiety and a delectably smooth taste. In this recipe, we contrast their creamy texture with savory feta cheese (for fellow feta enthusiasts, don’t miss this feta-filled lamb burger recipe!), crunchy toasted bread, and succulent tomatoes. While the dish is already fantastic, elevating the toasts with a straightforward balsamic reduction (which enhances even inexpensive balsamic vinegars) takes it to new heights.

24. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Casserole

An eye-catching focal point for an Easter brunch, this lattice-adorned breakfast bake is a breeze to assemble. Prepare the filling and cut (frozen) puff pastry strips ahead of time, bake the complete dish the previous day, and warm it up just before it’s time to enjoy.

Merge bacon, gently cooked eggs, and cheese into a single scrumptious and visually appealing bake. An extra advantage: this casserole can be conveniently put together the evening prior, making it an ideal option for Easter morning or an entertaining brunch gathering.

23. Simple Easter Bread Pudding With Melted Ice Cream Sauce

Bread pudding offers a delectable and fulfilling method of repurposing stale bread and serves as a simple yet gratifying dessert fit for special events. This rendition features brioche and a mildly spiced custard infused with cinnamon and nutmeg, although challah is another excellent choice. Opt for soft, tender breads and steer clear of robust sourdough or thick rye varieties.

The enticing, nutty essence of this bread pudding recipe stems from brown butter. Utilize a tablespoon of butter to coat the baking dish, and then proceed to cook the remaining butter until it achieves a brown hue and aromatic scent. Once cooled, the brown butter is blended into the custard. A hint of orange zest imparts a lively touch, while vanilla contributes soothing, sweet undertones that accentuate the spices’ warmth.

22. BA’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes

The given recipe yields approximately eight pancakes, sufficient for four individuals. If catering to a larger group, simply multiply the recipe and maintain the pancakes’ warmth in a 250° oven while preparing additional servings.

21. Tater Tot Egg Bake With Bitter Greens Salad And Crispy Hash Brown Vibes

Resembling a fusion of tortilla española and crunchy hash brown elements, this potato nugget and egg creation is guaranteed to delight many. (Rest assured: The dish’s name won’t be of concern to anyone.)

The final result boasts a variety of textures and a distinct, recognizable aroma reminiscent of potato nuggets, even for first-time tasters. If the quantity of potato nuggets in this recipe raises eyebrows (and doubts), fear not, as numerous nuggets blend seamlessly with the softly-cooked egg, forming a smooth harmony.

20.  Italian Sausage & Pepper Frittata Affogato

The fusion of breakfast and supper can be experienced in this meal featuring marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Aptly, the term “affogato” in Italian translates to drowned, alluding to the smothering of marinara. This culinary creation strikes a balance between a morning frittata and pizza, making it a delightful option for virtually any time of the Easter day!

19.  Blueberry-Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast

Filled with a luscious, violet-hued blueberry and ricotta blend, this French toast epitomizes our desires for a sugary morning meal to accompany our cup of java. We prefer sourdough bread due to its robustness and the pleasant contrast its rustic flavor offers against the creamy filling. However, if you’re partial to brioche or challah French toast, don’t hesitate to try those as alternatives.

18. Prosciutto Egg Tarts

We suggest preparing these as a mid-morning indulgence or when catering to a group for the first meal of Easter Sunday. They’re both quick and delicious, providing the energy needed to power through the day!

17. Asparagus Frittata with Burrata and Herb Pesto Recipe

This plant-based meal disproves the widespread notion that fare without animal products lacks substance. Offer it during a morning or evening feast, and it will undoubtedly satiate and delight those in attendance.

16. Make This Ham Casserole With Easter Leftovers

Hey there, friend! Have you been wondering what to do with all the leftover ham from Easter? I’ve got you covered with this amazing ham casserole recipe. Trust me, it’ll clean out your fridge just as fast as it clears your plates! It’s got fluffy rice, tender green peas, and a homemade, cheesy sauce that gets a little kick from a poblano pepper. And let’s not forget the best part – a buttery, crunchy topping made with salty, flaky crackers. Seriously, who can resist that? So why not give it a try and make the most of that leftover ham?

15. Marinated Boneless New York Strip Steak Recipe

If thinking about New York strip steak makes your mouth water, you must try this marinated New York strip steak recipe. It’s perfect for a date night or easy weeknight meal.

Check it here.

14. Garlic Roasted Rainbow Carrots (Paleo & Vegan)

Make these Garlic Roasted Rainbow Carrots as an easy and colorful side dish for holiday meals or weeknight dinners! This dish is also paleo, vegan, and nut free.

Check it here.

13. Fresh Fruit Compote: The Perfect Pancake Topper (and so much more!)

Fruit compote is such a simple recipe to pull together on a whim. Whether you are out of maple syrup for your pancakes, using up excess fruit or adding just the right finishing touch to a sweet or savory dish, you’ll become a devoted fan of this fancy-sounding but super simple way of creating a sauce with fruit.

Check it here.

12. How to Make a Rossini Cocktail – Perfect Addition to Easter Brunch

The rossini cocktail is your new favorite brunch drink! Made with strawberry puree, sparkling wine, and simple syrup, it’s easy, sweet, and perfect for any occasion.

Check it here.

11. Croque Madame Sandwiches Recipe – Make This Recipe For Brunch Guests!

Croque Madame sandwiches are comforting, decadent, over the top brunch sandwiches with a creamy gruyere mornay sauce and sunny side up eggs!

Check it here.

10. Asparagus and Goat Cheese Savory Galette

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Savory Galette is an easy vegetarian appetizer for almost any occasion; a fancy brunch, party or even just for dinner. Caramelized asparagus pairs well with the creamy goat cheese and flaky pie crust.

Check it here.

9. Mini Quiche Appetizers {Muffin Tin Quiche}

Perfect for make-ahead breakfasts or hors d’oeuvres, Mini Quiche Appetizers are always a hit! Easy to make and freeze, bake these delicious mini muffin tin quiche and store them in your freezer for months.

Check it here.

8. Overnight Cinnamon Rolls {Make Ahead Cinnamon Rolls}

Imagine waking up to the amazing scent of soft, gooey, and delicious homemade Overnight Cinnamon Rolls baking in your oven. Spoil your family with these fresh cinnamon buns with homemade orange cream cheese frosting.

Check it here.

7. Egg Casserole (Egg Bake) – Favorite Easter Brunch Dish

This Egg Casserole (Egg Bake) is an easy breakfast casserole that’s made with only 9 ingredients (eggs, veggies, bacon, cheese and spices)! It’s a healthy, low-carb way to start the day!

Check it here.

6. Beet and Gin Cured Salmon Recipe – Decoration Of Brunch Table

A salmon fillet is marinated in beet and celery juices, gin, and savory herb bitters, then cured with salt, sugar, and fresh herbs. Served with Quick Pickled Cucumber and Shallots, Watercress, and Preserved Lemon Yogurt, this dish is so pretty, and a perfect spring appetizer recipe!

Check it here.

5. Dragon Fruit Salad with Tajín and Lime

Dragon Fruit (aka pitaya) may look intimidating, but its really very simple to break down. This quick Dragon Fruit Salad with Tajín and Lime comes together in just minutes, and it’s low calorie and loaded with nutrients! I’ll even show you how to prepare dragon fruit!

Check it here.

4. Avocado Deviled Eggs – Tasty Easter Eggs! 

Avocado deviled eggs are the perfect twist on a classic deviled eggs recipe! This classic holiday side dish is healthy, keto friendly, colorful, and surprisingly easy – yet so creamy! 

Check it here.

3. Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms  – Perfect Easter Muffin!

These cream cheese stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetizer! Tender white mushrooms are stuffed with a creamy filling, topped with panko topping for crunch, then baked until hot and bubbly.

Check it here.

2. Watermelon Radish Toast with Orange Mascarpone and Honey

Is there a SPRING in your step yet?? BAAAAHAHAHAHA! ? See what I did there? Well, here we are, still wintertime and I’m already showing you how to eat fancy teatime appetizers as a legit meal. Totally acceptable, because #springiscoming. Right?

Check it here.

1. Avocado Grapefruit Salad With Strawberry And Mint

Amazing avocado grapefruit salad with strawberry, manchego, and mint! This vegetarian spring salad recipe is perfect as a side dish or a light main dish.

Check it here.

33 BEST Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter brunch recipes

Is it your time to host the Easter holiday party for your family or friends, but you're not the kind to get up extra early in the morning and prepare a massive buffet? Why not throw an Easter brunch party if that's the case? Here are 33 healthy and delicious Easter brunch recipes you can prepare in just 30 minutes or less!


  • Marinated Boneless New York Strip Steak Recipe
  • Garlic Roasted Rainbow Carrots (Paleo & Vegan)
  • Fresh Fruit Compote: The Perfect Pancake Topper (and so much more!)
  • How to Make a Rossini Cocktail


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