If you have already purchased this great multi-functional appliance, but it still scares you somehow, leave all your fears behind! A good pressure cooker may become your loyal friend and reliable assistant in creating incredibly delicious meals for you and your family. If you have already challenged steam-veggies there, then it’s time to move to the next level of the game – we present you 11 juicy, useful and dizzyingly delicious instant pot chicken recipes. Are you ready?

Instant Pot Recipe 1. A Rotisserie Chicken

You think that a whole chicken and a pressure cooker never match? This Faux-Tisserie Chicken is going to change your mind! Juicy, appetizing, ruddy-crusted, it is good both for a family dinner, and a festive meal.

Insta-Pot Recipe 2. BBQ Chicken and Potatoes

This cute recipe is a gift for those who cannot live without a good helping of barbecue sauce. And chicken. And potatoes. So few ingredients give life to BBQ Chicken and Potatoes that always turns into something favorite!

Insta-Pot Recipe 3. Orange Chicken

If you are always on to treat yourself to something Asian, you don’t need to leave the house. Just buy a pressure cooker, find 6 simple ingredients and 15 minutes of time – and don’t be surprised if your family asks for an encore Instant Pot Orange Chicken as a second meal!

Instant Pot Recipe 4. Chicken and Rice 

Another good news for those who do not want to mess with cutting up chicken for the pressure cooker. Take chicken breasts, some frozen veggies, and rice – and forget about any hassle. The main thing is to remember about some good sauce for your Chicken and Rice so you can enjoy every bite of it.

Insta-Pot Recipe 5. Cream Cheese Chicken Pasta

There is nothing sharp, harsh, or irritating about this Cream Cheese Chicken Pasta. Just your favorite mac under this tender chicken-creamy-cheese cover. The most refined gourmets will definitely like that!

Insta-Pot Recipe 6. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

If carbs and calories have become your enemies, you’ll love this Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps for this yummy combo of crispy salad, chicken breast, veggies and ranch dressing. If you have nothing against carbs and calories, then you’ll love the way Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps sound on a baked potato or hot bun.

Insta-Pot Recipe 7. Sweet and Sour Instant Pot Chicken Wings

This tender Sweet and Sour Instant Pot Chicken Wings sound like some Asian cuisine classics. Use your favorite marinade and enjoy the delicious taste and spicy flavor every day if you like!

Instant Pot Recipe 8. Chicken Faux Pho

Your family will definitely like this spicy Vietnamese chicken broth soup with rice noodles and lime, beans and basil. You can substitute spiralized daikon for the noodles if you like to make Chicken Faux Pho taste even more unusual.

Insta-Pot Recipe 9. Chicken Tortilla Soup

This colorful and soul-warming soup causes an outburst of loving even for the little ones. All you need for this Chicken Tortilla Soup is some fresh chicken, lots and lots of vegetables and spices, and some avocado and corn kernels.

Insta-Pot Recipe 10. Chipotle Chicken Tacos

A good hack for those who never find time to cook, but still want to eat right. Only four ingredients for Chipotle Chicken Tacos including lettuce, tomato, cheese and the chicken itself inspire for new instant pot experiments!

Insta-Pot Recipe 11. 21 Day Fix Chicken Marsala

This is a yummy and incredibly simple meal for weight watchers and large companies. It seems to be cooked of just a few ingredients – such as chicken, mushrooms, garlic and a little tapioca starch. However, the main secret is ¾ cup Marsala wine, that makes it especially delicate and spicy. Some green beans as a garnish for your 21 Day Fix Chicken Marsala is just what you need!

If you think that this is where instant pot chicken recipes run out, you are mistaken. Your pressure cooker allows you to try dozens of recipes from any cuisine of the world – and even invent new ones by yourself. And we are sure that you will succeed.


Get inspired by these eleven juicy, useful and dizzyingly delicious instant pot chicken recipes for beginners. A good pressure cooker may become your loyal friend and reliable assistant in creating incredibly delicious meals for you and your family.



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