15 Creative DIY Christmas Gifts For Kids

Let’s be real: sometimes, it is harder to come up with gifts for your kids than your husband. Toys? I am pretty sure you have been buying them a lot of toys throughout their childhood. Clothes? They have a lot of those as well. So instead of going out to buy some gifts, why not make your own personalized one? I am sure your kids will love it and will see the effort you put behind it. With that in mind, here are 15 creative DIY Christmas gifts for kids!

15. Make a $5 Blanket Flannel Scarf!

An easy how-to in making your own $5 flannel blanket scarf! You can adjust the size & choose your favorite pattern.

Check it here.

14. Best Beard Balm Recipe to Make at Home 

This is the absolute best beard balm recipe to keep facial hair neat and in it’s place. Plus you are spending much less making it yourself then buying the balm in the store.

Check it here.

13. Moisturizing Solid Lotion Bars

Solid lotion bars are fantastic for moisturizing dry skin. You can easily carry them in a purse or diaper bag without worrying about a mess.

Check it here.

12. Make Fresh Avocado Bath Bombs with Real Avocado 

Avocado is a healthy fat with hydrating properties. When combined with lemongrass, fresh avocado bath bombs give you an invigorating burst of energy while hydrating your skin. 

Check it here.

11. Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Candles

Today’s craft is a totally selfish project on my part! I love sharing ideas for you to craft with kids or make gifts for others. This would actually make a great gift too, but I made these Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Candles all for myself. I have been wanting to try candle making for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity.

Check it here.

10. Coconut and Rum White Chocolate Truffles

Oh my goodness! It’s Christmas time as I write this and Christmas is all about spoiling ourselves and having a little luxury! So what better than some decadent Coconut and Rum White Chocolate Truffles!

Check it here.

9. Orange Chocolate Truffles, luxuriously creamy and decadent

These Orange Chocolate Truffles scream Christmas! Christmas is all about spoiling ourselves and having a little luxury! So what better than some decadent Orange Chocolate Truffles!

Check it here.

8. Mulled Wine Syrup, Perfect for Gift Giving and Mulled Cider, too!

This mulled wine syrup recipe is more of a mixer than a syrup, but it makes a wonderful Christmas gift when paired with a lovely bottle of red wine and some festive decorations.

Check it here.

7. How to Make Silky DIY Body Lotion in 5 Minutes (with Coconut Oil + Aloe)

This silky DIY body lotion made with all natural ingredients is sThis silky DIY body lotion made with all natural ingredients is super moisturizing and nourishing to the skin. It’s perfect for your entire body and feels exactly like store-bought lotion.

Check it here.

6. Easy DIY Magnesium Body Butter for Relaxation + Wellness

DIY magnesium body butter is easy to make, cost effective, and beneficial to the body. Homemade magnesium lotion is the easiest and most pleasant way to naturally increase your magnesium levels.

Check it here.

5. 5 Quick Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

We’ll create gorgeous wrappers for candles and match boxes, scrumptious cookie butter, a glittery body scrub with cinnamon and brown sugar, a festive tea blend and hot chocolate on a stick.

Check it here.

4. How to Make a Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are so trendy and an easy no-sew DIY. Check out this tutorial and ways to style your scarf for these cooler months!

Check it here.

3. Knitted Sweater Coffee Cozies

It is officially holiday crafting season and I am so excited to show off these adorable knitted coffee cozie sweaters that I created for our teacher & bus driver gifts this year. These coffee cozie sweaters are so inexpensive to create, but have that “wow” factor that you look for in an inexpensive gift.

Check it here. 

2. Sew a Robe Without a Sewing Pattern

Learn how to sew a robe without a sewing pattern using your measurements! This robe is easy to make and cozy to wear, and it’s perfect for gifts!

Check it here.

1. How to Make a Cheater Quilt

Learn how to make a cheater quilt that is fast, easy, and you can use any striped or plaid fabric. A cheater quilt is perfect for gifts!

Check it here.

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