20 Easy Winter Crafts for Teens | DIY Christmas Crafts

Winter has officially arrived, and your teenagers will most likely do one of two things: either stay at home for the holidays or go out and enjoy the snow and some outdoor winter activities. If they’d rather stay indoors, then make some winter DIY projects with them to use as decorations for your house. With that in mind, here are 20 DIY winter crafts for teens to enjoy!

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20. Super Cute Snowman Gnome Winter Craft for Teens

Delight in making this adorable Snowman Gnome, an ideal DIY project for winter decoration!

Crafting this Snowman Gnome is not only fast but also effortless. It’s a charming piece you’ll be excited to showcase throughout the winter!

For our gnome’s beard, we utilized a mop head found at The Dollar Store. However, if you prefer, yarn or craft rope can be an excellent alternative for the mop.

19. Stunning Winter Tree Silhouette

Observing that a lot of our trees were nearly bare, we felt motivated to craft something unique. Emily, with minimal assistance, managed to paint this stunning silhouette! To recreate this, you simply require a bit of masking tape, paper, and watercolor paints!

18. Beautiful Popsicle Stick Snowflakes Ornament Winter Craft Idea

Creating snowflake ornaments from popsicle sticks is not only stunning but also an entertaining activity for children! Employing straightforward paper quilling techniques and painting the popsicle sticks, these snowflakes gain an impressive 3D appearance, making them a gorgeous addition to any Christmas tree. It’s an excellent project especially suited for older children and pre-teens.

For those in search of additional holiday-themed crafts, we have a wide array of innovative Christmas art and craft ideas for you to explore and enjoy!

17. Make a Winter Mitten Wreath with Paper

Do you find yourself a bit too relaxed when it comes to taking down Christmas decorations, similar to me? Do those festive lights linger around your home well after the holiday season?

Some time back, I decided to go with the flow of my relaxed approach and sought out decoration ideas that would be suitable for the entire winter season, not just Christmas. This led to a blend of holiday-specific and general winter decorations around my home. A prime example of this is the mitten wreath, an ideal representation of winter crafts. After all, what symbolizes winter more than a pair of mittens?

This craft is also a great activity to engage in with children. You can use their handprints as a template for the mitten sizes. I discovered this when I used my 13-year-old daughter’s hand size – it turns out it’s similar to mine. By adding a simple red cross-stitch pattern, this wreath transforms into a modest yet charming holiday decoration. And the best part? It’s versatile enough to be displayed throughout the holiday season and the rest of the winter months.

16. No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft for Tweens

If you’re on the hunt for a charming handmade gift or a distinct doorstop, this no-sew sock snowman is a must-try craft. It’s an ideal project for anyone familiar with the mystery of vanishing single socks – here’s a creative way to repurpose those unmatched socks.

Initially, you might see images with a black sock, but for this craft, you should opt for a white one. The black sock is part of a different tutorial we offer, where the steps are similar. Begin by filling the white sock with rice – you’ll be surprised at how much rice it can hold!

When your sock snowman reaches the desired size, close the top with a rubber band. Then, use another band to cinch the sock near the top, forming the snowman’s head.

Next, affix buttons to the lower portion using a glue gun or glue dots for the eyes and mouth. You can draw these features with a black marker or paint. To add a cute touch, give your snowman rosy cheeks using washable paint. For the nose, combine two orange pom-poms – it looks fantastic.

For the scarf, a ribbon works well, and we’ve found that glue dots or a glue gun are the most effective adhesives here. Feel free to trim any excess white sock, or tuck it into the hat, which we’ll create next.

To make the hat, cut the colored sock (excluding the heel part), roll it slightly, and place it on your snowman’s head. You can either leave it loose or secure it with glue.

Your delightful sock snowman is now complete and ready to display.

15. How to Make a Clay Pot Penguin

This terracotta pot penguin craft is a delightful activity for the winter season, perfect for children in their pre-teen years. Creating these charming penguins is a joyful way to welcome the chill of the winter season and bring a bit of whimsy into your home. The project is not only endearing but also simple to assemble.

As a homeschooling parent with a busy schedule, it’s a wonderful idea to set aside some time this week for a creative break with your older children. Engaging in a project like crafting these clay pot penguins together can be a delightful and bonding experience. This activity is straightforward, requires minimal materials, and can be completed in under half an hour.

14. Winter Hat Door Hanging

Sometimes the most beautiful DIY decor ideas can be put together with materials you have around your home. That was the case with this creative yet beautiful winter hat door hanging.

13. Winter Luminaries: Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Make pretty winter luminaries that appear to be covered with freshly fallen snow! Oh so gorgeous and perfect for the holidays, they are very easy to make. See more Creative DIY Christmas Candle Crafts.

12. Cute 3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman Craft

We love a cute craft for Christmas!! We have been making a number of Yarn Christmas Crafts recently.. and our cute Yarn Ball Ornaments, made me think, they would be perfect as 3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman craft too! The knitting needle version is super easy.

11. Salt Crystal Paper Snowflakes!

Stunning winter or indoor snow day craft that doubles as a cool crystal science lesson – how to make salt crystal paper snowflakes!

10. DIY Snowflake Decor to Celebrate the Rest of Winter

Just because Christmas and all the other holidays are over doesn’t mean we can’t keep making fun decor for the winter season. So I continued my series of front door magnet decor by making a bunch of sparkling and embellished snowflakes.

9. Winter Shower Melts Recipe – Easy and Invigorating

This easy winter shower melts recipe is quick to come together and holds its shape so you can get relief from the season. Let’s get started!

8. How to Paint With Snow

With some cardstock, brushes and of course some snow, you can create a craft day to remember with your kids. Here is how to paint with snow.

7. This Winter Farmhouse Wood Sign is a Beautiful Winter Door Hanger!

My friend in Texas is about to get chilly weather so I made her this absolutely beautiful winter farmhouse wood sign to welcome the cold!

6. DIY Snowman Face Glitter Filled Ornament

You need this DIY Snowman Face Glitter Filled ornament on your tree this year! It’s simple, cute, and costs so little it can make dozens of them without putting a dent in your bank account! So get crafty this year and make your own ornaments!

5. How To Make Fun And Sparkly Snow Paint

When it’s cold outside and you need to keep little ones entertained, this sparkly snow paint will come to the rescue! It not only will keep children busy, but it’s also super easy to make.

4. Upcycled Lids Snowman – Fun Winter Craft

This upcycled snowman made from jar lids is an excellent craft to make with children, especially during the winter.

3. DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe: Beautiful Craft in Minutes

Create your own fun and festive mason jar snow globe! This project is easy to follow, finishes in just minutes, and has minimal mess thanks to the lack of liquid – a perfect project for kids!

2. A Cute and Simple Snowman Decoration to Make Together!

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to decorate! Homemade craft decorations are my favorite because they add a special touch to the house. This simple snowman decoration is the perfect family craft activity!

1. How to Make Borax Crystal Snowflakes – Perfect Winter Craft for Kids

Do you want to make your own Borax Crystal Snowflakes? Then try this crafty winter science experiment and make your own crystal Christmas ornaments with your kids.


Winter Crafts for Teens

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