How to Fall Asleep Quickly – Say No to Insomnia Forever!

If the situation is unclear go to bed – this social media joke is rather funny and popular. However, it does not cause any laughter from those who have difficulties with falling asleep. How often do you get very tired, set yourself comfortable in bed – and then toss and turn almost until the morning, not knowing how to sleep and constantly counting sheep? If it happens regularly, then you probably know the natural results of insomnia – chronic fatigue, poor performance, and even headaches and depression. Still, how to fall asleep when you can’t?

Before you start fighting for a sound and healthy sleep, you need to identify your enemies-that is, the factors that cause sleep disorders. Among the most common reasons of insomnia are usually called:

  • The circadian rhythms disruptions. Circadian rhythms are the fluctuations in our physical processes associated with the day and night changes also known as our biological clock. If you had to work the night shift or you are experiencing jet lag, the rhythms are disturbed and it is very difficult to fall asleep.
  • Health problems. If you suffer from asthma or chronic diseases that cause severe pain, it is natural that you will not always fall asleep quickly.
  • Hormonal disorders or rearrangements. Some processes in the body can reduce the production of melatonin known as sleep hormone. In this case, you fall asleep longer, and your sleep is often disturbing and poor.
  • Psychological state. Strong stress (even positive one), depression, or anticipation of something extraordinary or, on the contrary, unpleasant keeps nervous system excited that, as a result, leads to insomnia.
  • An overactive mind. This is the phenomenon describing the situation when people cannot stop thinking about something. The object of reflection can be a recently viewed movie or a book, plans for the nearest future or a look of a nice colleague in your office. Within the process, the brain is working so intensely that it forgets to give the signal to rest.

It would seem that it is enough to eliminate all these reasons to return the sound sleep. However, it is obvious that half of them are difficult to correct, and in mild cases, insomnia can become a habit – no wonder that the question of how to fall asleep fast on Reddit is the most popular. However, there are proven methods to make falling asleep quicker, more pleasant, and healthy. We are pleased to offer you some ways that have proved to be the most effective in terms of banishing insomnia.

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How to Fall Asleep When You Can’t

If you decide to leave insomnia behind any of these tips can be useful to you. Just choose the most suitable for your situation and conditions.

Tip 1. Your Bed and Your Phone Are not Compatible

When going to bed, leave your gadget away on the nightstand, and even better – in another room. First of all, that applies to those who cannot resist the frequent viewing of mail, social networks, and messengers. The bright backlight of the screen gives the brain a signal that it is too early to fall asleep, hence you acquire poor sleeping. In any case, if the phone is away from you, absolutely nothing will happen to it, but the problems with sleep may be fixed at this very moment.

Tip 2. Use Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing brings calmness and peace of mind. There are many breathing techniques to relax the nervous system and all of them do not require any excessive effort. And don’t worry if you fail the first exercise. You will need quite a bit of training to learn how to relax and fall asleep quickly.

Tip 3. Provide Coolness

The low temperature in your bedroom is a kind of signal to the body to slow down all processes and prepare for the rest. The tips about coolness are often given to moms who ask a recipe of how to fall asleep fast for kids. If you are also a mother, you probably noticed that the baby is much more comfortable in a room with a temperature of 15-23°C. Another option of useful cooling is to take a warm bath before going to bed. The subsequent decrease in body temperature will immediately cause a desire to get under a warm blanket and take a good sleep.

Tip 4. The Later, the Darker

The correct lighting mode helps to adjust the circadian rhythms and allows you to make perfect both sleep and wakefulness. Take care that your working day goes under bright light, and with the onset of the evening, create a pleasant soft twilight at home. Your body will instinctively react to the darkness and you will feel sleepy.

Tip 5. Forget About Napping

Needless to say that opinions about napping are rather contradictory. Most studies show that more than three naps per week can lead to poor and shallow sleep. Other researchers argue that naps have no effect on night sleep. Still, listen to yourself. If you feel broken and not rested after napping and still cannot sleep in the evening, try to give it up.

Tip 6. Avoid Clock-watching

Clock-watching is a phenomenon connected with your waking up in the night, looking at the clock and then failing to sleep back. Over time, it becomes commonplace, and then anxiety and insomnia come. It is not very difficult to change this. Just get all the clocks and watches out of the bedroom. Oh, and the phone as well, of course.

Tip 7. Balance Your Diet

Studies have confirmed that after a high-carb dinner, you will fall asleep faster, but your sleep will be weaker. Eating high-fat food will delay your sleep, but you’ll have a better rest. Summing up all the above, experts recommend sticking to a high-carb and low-fat diet. However, if you prefer more carbs for dinner, finish with it no later than 4 hours before bedtime so that the food can be digested.

Tip 8. Keep a Journal

It sounds strange, but in fact, there is nothing surprising. Recording all the thoughts and experiences allows to release and relax the brain for those who suffer from an overactive mind. Just try to take 15 minutes to write down and describe your day before going to bed and get rid of all the excess and burdening in your head.

Tip 9. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Cigarettes Just Before Going to Bed

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and can turn your sleep into a disaster. Nicotine is also irritating to the respiratory system, and it will have a long time to restore their work after a cigarette. As for alcohol, many people consider a glass of wine a good sleeping pill, but if you notice that your sleep becomes poor and disturbing, it is better to try other options.

Tip 10. Choose the Best Sleeping Position

The studies about body positions that can improve sleep quality, constantly produce different results, so listen to yourself and find the most appropriate position. The only caveat is relevant for those who prefer to sleep on their backs. If you snore or suffer from apnea try changing the sleeping position to a less dangerous one.

In some cases, insomnia sufferers are offered various supplementation – such as magnesia, theanine, tryptophan, or melatonin. However, they may be taken only with the permission of your doctor, so do not neglect his consultation.

How to Fall Asleep Early

If your friends know you as a real midnight dancer, the issues of falling asleep in the morning are probably known to you. But if you need to go on a trip or meet friends at the airport early in the morning, you may face another problem that is the inability to sleep too early.

If you are tired of the nightlife and decided to develop useful habits, early sleep will also do an excellent favor to your health, mood, and even beauty. Let’s try to figure out how to sleep if you are not tired and your clock shows much less than midnight. Here are six good tips for you.

Tip 1. Go to Sleep in Advance

For example, the plan to “fall asleep at 23:00” does not mean that you should appear in bed just at 22:55. Why not try to lie down at about 21:30? It is enough to rest a little in peace to relax and adjust your brain and nerves for a good sleep. During this time you just have time to plan your next day and at the same time think over everything that happened today.

Tip 2. More Activity Within the Day

Night owls often cannot bring themselves to sleep early because they have a lot of extra energy that they are used to spend in the late afternoon and the evening. Try to move your activity to the first half of the day. Add more walks, training, games with children, or clean up your house. If you tend to sleep after dinner, do not be surprised. It really works.

Tip 3. Refrain From Your Computer And TV Right Before Going to Bed

Even if you think that you fall asleep better with the TV, it is nothing more than self-deception. The backlit screen, on the contrary, can interfere with your sleep rhythms and lead to sleep disorders. There are some nice alternatives to the electronics and gadgets – such as reading a book or magazine or cuddling with your cat.

Tip 4. Take Care of the Perfect Sleeping Environment

Ventilate the room, prepare clean fresh linen of good fabric, change the pillow and blanket for more comfortable. Prepare the bed and clean the bedroom. This atmosphere of bliss becomes more attractive for you and you may sleep fast in 5 minutes already.

Tip 5. Provide a Soothing Scent

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant and effective ways to prepare your body and soul for good rest. Therapists recommend trying such essential oils as lavender, melissa, jasmine, and cypress.

Tip 6. Realize the Benefits of Falling Asleep Early

If you really want to change your regime to a more effective and useful, you can adjust yourself to it on your own. Those who dealt with the army, know a good joke that helps to fall asleep fast in the military. It sounds as “nothing good happens after midnight”. Indeed, what on earth interesting and pleasant can happen at night, if you are a not a club-jumper, of course? The daytime and morning always bear far more tangible anticipation. The right option of sleeping time is obvious, isn’t it?

How To Fall Asleep With Anxiety

The problem of fast and easy falling asleep is very acute for those who suffer from anxiety. Even if they barely keep on their feet from fatigue after going to bed their brain begins to work with a triple force, going through all the events of the past day or worrying about the future.

Hovering on the daily routine, persistent fears, nightmares, unusual physical sensations ( known as Hypnic Jerks), fixation on stress are the most common causes of sleep anxiety according to therapists and psychologists. All this can lead to poor sleep cycle including insomnia and lack of sleep. We offer you several options on how to sleep fast at night without thinking about anything and at the same time improve the quality of sleep.

Tip 1. Create the Atmosphere

About an hour before bedtime (better sooner than later), turn off your computer, TV, and laptop and dim the lights everywhere. This is the way to give your brain a signal that it’s time to tune in to sleep. In addition, try to give up the active entertainment and computer games before going to bed. Play cards or chess with your family or try something DIY – so your mind will be busy with something more useful than the constant anxiety.

Tip 2. Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Day

The regime is a great thing when you fight against anxiety and for a sound healthy sleep. Get yourself to going to bed at a certain hour. After a while, you will notice that by this time you are getting tired of the everyday routine, and your body is gradually relaxing and preparing for the bed.

Tip 3. The Bed is For Sleep Only

Once you went to bed, you need to check your mail, send a message to a friend, or repeat the report for tomorrow’s meeting immediately. Try to avoid such temptations, because you provoke the brain to work actively, and the information obtained during your manipulations may increase your anxiety up to insomnia. Believe me, everything that came to your mail in the evening can wait until tomorrow.

Tip 4. Try Relaxing Methods

If you have been planning to go to yoga for a long time, it’s time to do it if you suffer from anxiety and poor sleep. Meditation and yoga perfectly help to relax the body, remove internal clamps and tune in to positive thinking. You will not only be able to overcome insomnia but even get rid of the anxiety sufferings.

Tip 5. Sleep Without Self-Violence

Don’t force yourself to fall asleep if you really don’t feel even the dozing. Read a book or an interesting magazine, drink tea with soothing herbs or try to clean your house. When you manage to muffle anxiety with the help of more interesting activity, the second attempt to fall asleep can be quite successful.

Tip 6. White Noise

Soothing music, quiet conversation, and the sounds of nature are capable to lead you to sleep smoothly and quickly. You can record sounds of nature for your tape recorder or turn on the radio. However, make sure that the sound is very quiet – you should hardly distinguish words. Gradually, the sound waves will distract you from restless thoughts and lull you to sleep.

Finally, we would like to say that if your sleep problems last for more than a month for no apparent reason then think of visiting your doctor. Do not be shy to ask for the help of a qualified specialist because it is possible that your insomnia is connected with some disruptions that may be fixed with medical means only. In any case, good sleep is a useful and even pleasant habit, which is worth fighting for. And when you stop being jealous of those who know how to fall asleep quickly anywhere and even join them, you will see that the quality of your life has changed.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly

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