Halloween Costumes for Kids – Scary and Funny DIY Halloween Ideas

Are you thinking of some great Halloween costumes for kids? It’s hard to come up with new scary or funny DIY Halloween ideas every year. So, let me help you – in this post you’ll find a collection of great ideas for your Halloween party.

15. ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

Let every family member pick out their favorite character from the J.K. Rowling series for a group costume that’s truly magical.

Check it here

14. Peter Pan Costume

Never grow up, tweens! This costume will have both boys and girls feeling adventure-ready in no time.

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13. Medusa Halloween Costume

Grab a bed sheet and some rubber snakes and voila: Your tween is Medusa!

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12. Optimus Prime Costume

I’ve always loved… this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventually became my Magnus Opus or Optimus Prime to be exact. Once I had the idea I shared it with my family and thus began the endless nights, thousands of Glue gun burns and my invasion occupation of my living room. 

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They began by stitching small, stuffed cats on a terry cloth robe (underneath she wore a solid black t-shirt and leggings).

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10. Princess Leia

After sewing Princess Leia’s belt, snap it on over a white dress and you’re ready to protect the galaxy. Create her signature side buns with her own hair or using yarn.

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9. Upside Down Man

This unique Halloween costume requires zero trips to the craft store, gluing, or sewing.

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Turn the sea’s deadliest predator into a lovable creature with this DIY shark costume.

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7. Cotton Candy

Oh my goodness gracious!!  Baby cotton candy??!  I could just eat her up, couldn’t you?  What a fun idea!

Check it here

6. Sushi

I didn’t know sushi could be so cute, did you?  I love this unique idea.

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5.Gumball Machine

I have seen this baby gumball machine costume for years circulating on Facebook and Pinterest.  I’ve had it saved to my phone for years.  I simply love it.  It’s definitely one that I’m going to DIY when we have a little one.

Check it here

4. Hedwig Baby Owl No-Sew DIY Costume

Only a handful of people thought she was a chicken. The cutest chicken they had ever seen, of course.

Check it here

3. Piñata

This is just…wow! In all reality, it doesn’t look that difficult but it does look time-consuming, which is something that I don’t have this year since I am the queen of procrastination.

Check it here

 2. Gator Boys Homemade Halloween Costumes

For fans of the Animal Planet show Gator Boys, this alligator rescue costume only needs some fabric paint and cardboard. 

Check it here


This Easy Lego Halloween Costume for Kids takes about 10 minutes to make, and ends up so cute!  It is the perfect cheap Halloween costume idea!

Check it here

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