Some time ago my instant pot creativity never went farther than burritos, spaghetti, or rice. But gradually I and this amazing kitchen appliance got to know each other better, and that is how some cool recipes that turned me into a cook of the same level were born. Happy to share with you easy instant pot recipes that I really love! Why? They are simple, insanely delicious and very, very quick! So, let’s have a look into my cookbook!

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instant pot recipes

Easy instant pot recipe 1. Spicy carrot soup

A great meal for those who are looking for some gluten free and dairy free soup recipes. All you need is just five ingredients and your pressure cooker. A finger licking good! (via Pinch of Yum)

Simple insta-pot recipe 2. Portobello pot roast

The mushroom recipe is destined to be liked by those who love a good pot roast, but never mind tasting something unusual. Vegetables and mushrooms cooking time for an instant pot is quite the same, and that is especially convenient. Another reason to take up the recipe is a mind-blowing sauce. Vegetarians will also appreciate! (via Gimme Some Oven)

Easy insta-pot recipe 3. Mashed potatoes

Airy, mind-blowing mashed potatoes without no milk or butter is another reason to fall in love with your instant pot. A delicious garnish for the whole family and no harm to your figure! (via Veggies Save the Day)

Easy instant pot recipe 4. Sweet potato chili

Sometimes we put aside recipes that take too much time to be realized. Never give up to delicious food to save precious hours! The rich flavor of vegetables and spices in your instant pot sweet potato chili arouses appetite and the meal is cooked in less than half an hour! You can hardly resist that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (via Living Sweet Moments)

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Simple instant pot recipe 5. Mac and cheese

Your favorite pasta noodles and a favorite type of cheese turns into a light and delicious weekend meal in just five minutes – say thanks to your instant pot! You can add a few broccoli florets to make it brighter and healthier. (via Center Cut Cook)

Easy instant pot recipe 6. Corn on the cob

What makes a common corn on the cob so special? Just add some Cajun butter, sea salt, garlic, and herbs and you’ll see. Want to make your meal healthier and more vegan? Use olive oil and lemon instead. (via Instant Pot Eats)

Easy insta-pot recipe 7. Quinoa bowl

A delightful mix of vegetables, herbs and spices gives birth to this amazing Mexican-style quinoa bowl. And no problems with the ingredients preparing or waste of time – your pressure cooker does everything for you! (via Detoxinista)

Easy insta-pot recipe 8. Garlic hummus

Some rich garlic flavor for hummus? Sounds like a very spicy and tasty godsend. And the most pleasant thing is that no garbanzo beans soaking is needed! (via Nora Cooks)

Easy instant pot recipe 9. Hard boiled eggs

No expectations at the stove and every second watch glancing – just perfectly cooked instant pot hard boiled eggs. Want to enjoy them longer? No problem! Just freeze them after cooking and then get them warm and ready to eat in just a few minutes! (via Unsophiticook)

Simple instant pot recipe 10. Popcorn

Is it possible to enjoy perfectly cooked, healthy and low-calorie popcorn? Just a piece of cake! All you need is a little coconut oil, a slow cooker with a clear instant pot lid and just 5 minutes of waiting! (via The Typical Mom)

Simple instant pot recipe 11. Rice pudding

Your pressure cooker may become a place where rice, milk, oil and vanilla give rise to a tender and creamy rice pudding. Enjoy with this gentle meal for breakfast, or treat yourself to such a great dessert during the day if you like. (via The Typical Mom)

Simple instant pot recipe 12. Applesauce

If you can’t imagine your menu without fruits this simple 10-minute recipe is just for you. Just do not forget water and cinnamon, and if you want some airy mousse dainty, just use an immersion blender or potato masher. (via Busy Mommy Media)

All these recipes will reveal new cooking opportunities if you decided to start with your instant pot as a beginner or can hardly find enough time for varied and healthy food for the whole family. As you can see, just a few easy instant pot recipes will make your menu healthier and more appetizing. Enjoy your pressure cooker experiments and good luck!

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Healthy family instant pot recipes - easy pressure cooking recipes for beginners with chicken, vegetables and others.

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