27 Best And Easy Japanese Recipes to Make at Home

Japan, oh Japan! The country of culture and delectable cuisine is famous across the world. And if you are craving your fave Japanese food, you don’t have to go out and spend your savings on an expensive Japanese restaurant this time! In fact, you may simply prepare your favorite Japanese dishes right in the comfort of your own home.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the 27 best and most popular easy Japanese recipes you can make at home!

27. Oshitashi (Boiled Spinach with Sesame Seeds)

Oshitashi is yet another nutritious meal that’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

Chances are, your loved ones have never craved spinach as much as they will after tasting this dish!

Simply blanch the spinach for a mere 60 seconds before immersing it in a bowl of icy water.

Make sure to extract as much moisture from the spinach as possible to avoid a soggy texture.

A delicate blend of soy sauce, mirin, and sesame oil adds a delightful flavor to this light and appetizing dish!

26. Yakimeshi (Japanese Fried Rice)

Yakimeshi, or Japanese fried rice, may be uncomplicated, but it’s packed with taste.

This versatile meal can be whipped up in under 10 minutes, making it suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

The key to achieving the perfect texture lies in using chilled, day-old rice. As odd as it may seem, refrigerated rice firms up, yielding a much crisper result in your fried rice.

A delightful blend of sesame oil and soy sauce imparts a savory, umami essence to the dish. Incorporate eggs, ham, and green onions for a satisfying, hearty meal.

25. Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

Onigiri, or Japanese rice balls, offer incredible versatility. They’re perfect in bento lunchboxes, as a side for dinner, or simply as a standalone snack.

You can enjoy these rice balls unadorned or filled with an array of tasty ingredients.

Popular stuffing choices are umeboshi (salted plum), salted salmon, or salted cod roe.

Interesting tidbit: these “rice balls” are typically triangular rather than round.

To achieve a delicate and airy onigiri, be sure to mold it without compressing it too tightly.

24. Potato Korokke

These irresistible korokke, or mashed potato cakes, are sure to win over even the fussiest eaters. They make an excellent on-the-go snack, starter, or accompaniment.

Combine mashed potatoes, beef, and onion, and shape them into small spheres.

Coat them in panko breadcrumbs and fry until they reach a golden hue. Voilà, a delightful portable dish!

After savoring this classic rendition, feel free to explore variations like curry korokke or pumpkin korokke. There’s no limit to the flavors you can create.

23. Japanese Rice

While it may seem like plain white rice, mastering the art of Japanese rice is an accomplishment in itself.

Far from being soggy, this rice is sticky, pillowy, and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The choice of rice is crucial for achieving the desired result; opt for short-grain or sushi rice.

Every Japanese household owns a rice cooker, but stovetop preparation is an alternative method.

Once you’ve experienced the delight of properly prepared Japanese rice, no other version will suffice!

22. Easy Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Once you savor these airy, cloud-like soufflé pancakes, no other variation will compare.

Not only are they visually striking, but their taste is extraordinary too.

Opting for cake flour rather than regular flour aids in maintaining their unique form.

Much like Japanese cheesecake, incorporating egg white meringue grants them an added fluffiness.

Accompany with fruits, syrup, a dusting of powdered sugar, or fresh whipped cream.

Delight your visitors with these scrumptious soufflé pancakes at your upcoming brunch gathering.

21. Miso Soup – Best Japanese Recipe You Can Make at Home!

This umami-rich miso soup can be customized to your taste by adjusting the dashi for a more robust broth. Choose from yellow, white, or red miso paste – yellow offers a sweet, smooth flavor, while red provides a more intense, saltier experience.

Ever wished for a restaurant-quality miso soup that you can prepare in your own kitchen? Look no further! Our miso soup recipe delivers a bold, flavorful experience using just five simple ingredients.

20. Japanese Chicken Wings with Soy Sauce

These Japanese-style chicken wings boast a buttery, garlicky flavor that will have you savoring every tender, crispy morsel.

The soy sauce imparts a distinctive Asian flavor to the wings, while sugar and vinegar contribute an exceptional richness and complexity.

Fry the wings in a blend of butter and oil before coating them in the delectable sauce. Complete the cooking process in the oven and then dig in!

19. Teriyaki Chicken

Among Japanese dishes, this swift and simple teriyaki chicken stands out as a top pick! The succulent chicken combined with a zesty sauce makes it a hit with the whole family.

To ensure speedy cooking, cut the chicken into uniform pieces before cooking, allowing you to serve the dish in no time. It only takes 15 minutes!

Once the chicken chunks are cooked through, add the teriyaki sauce to the pan.

As the sauce thickens and starts to caramelize, it creates a stunning glaze around the chicken.

18. Japanese Curry Buns

Curry buns from Japan boast a crunchy exterior, while revealing a delightful curry filling with each bite. It’s a truly enjoyable and gratifying dish!

Creating the dough from scratch ensures that these curry buns have a light and airy texture, particularly after allowing them to rise and expand for half an hour.

The secret to achieving the ultimate crispiness is to coat the buns with panko breadcrumbs before frying them to a beautiful golden brown. Delightful!

17. Salmon Teriyaki

Teriyaki salmon may seem like an elaborate dish, but it’s incredibly simple to prepare. You only need four ingredients for this easy recipe!

Being a nutritious option, salmon is an excellent way to incorporate more nutrients into your family’s meals. All that’s required is salmon, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar!

Pair it with rice and broccoli for a balanced meal. It reheats well, making it an ideal option for meal planning.

16. Udon Noodles

In just 20 minutes, you can whip up these zesty udon noodles, making them an ideal choice for hectic evenings.

Enjoy this scrumptious meal even quicker than ordering takeout!

Using pre-packaged udon noodles simplifies the preparation process. Incorporate some sautéed ground chicken or omit it for a vegetarian option.

Adding red and yellow bell peppers not only enhances the flavor but also provides a visually appealing presentation. It’s a delight for both your taste buds and your sight!

15. Miso Ramen

In Japanese cuisine, miso is a prevalent taste, found in soups, meat dishes, and even ramen. This savory and tender miso chicken makes an ideal meal for busy weekdays.

Infused with ginger and garlic, the chicken exudes a mild Asian essence, while red pepper flakes provide a hint of spiciness.

Complement this dish with rice or whip up a homemade edamame and roasted corn salad! Opt for grilling the chicken to impart a delightful smoky flavor.

14. Crispy Baked Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu, a popular fried pork cutlet dish in Japan, can be made healthier and simpler with this baked version while maintaining its signature crispy texture.

To achieve the crispiness of fried tonkatsu in a baked form, pre-cook the panko crumbs before coating the pork, giving it a beautiful golden brown hue.

Naturally, a true tonkatsu experience wouldn’t be complete without a side of homemade tonkatsu sauce!

13. Easy Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Learn how to make the popular Japanese Pancakes – Incredibly fluffy and light, these soufflé-like pancakes are super fun and easy to recreate at home!

Check it here.

12. Chicken Yakitori Bowls

Our family loves making our own takeout foods at home. We started years ago experimenting with our favorite Asian, Chinese, and Japanese meals because our favorite restaurant was going out of business. Little did we know that we would fall in love with making delicious takeout dishes like this recipe for Chicken Yakitori Bowls.

Check it here.

11. Easy Instant Pot Hibachi Chicken Dinner (GF)

It really does not get easier than this delectable seasoned chicken and veggies all cooked in one pot. Serve it up with a creamy restaurant-style sauce and your family will be begging for more!

Check it here.

10. Air Fryer Hibachi Shrimp Dinner (LC, K, GF)

Your whole family will love this Air Fryer Hibachi Shrimp Dinner. It’s so quick and easy to make this delicious restaurant-quality Japanese meal, it’s sure to become your new favorite go-to recipe!

Check it here.

9. Takuan

Takuan is Japanese pickled daikon radish. As with most pickling recipes it’s straight forward to follow and the longer you keep it the better it tastes! It’s traditionally served as a condiment in Japanese cuisine.

Check it here.

8. Yasai Itame

Yasai itame is a Japanese stir-fry with lots of Asian flavours running through it. It is commonly served with a side dish of steamed white rice and some tsukemono. These include takuan or pickled daikon that balances out the yasai itame flavours perfectly.

Check it here.

7. Beef Negimaki – Japanese Rolled Steak and Scallions

Beef Negimaki is a Japanese dish of rolled steak with scallions on the inside. It’s a delicious and easy recipe that is served as an appetizer or a main dish.

Check it here

6. Japanese Mushroom Rice (Kinoko Gohan)

You’ll be amazed at how the simple seasonings in this Japanese mushroom rice add so much umami, earthy, delicious flavor. This easy side dish works so well alongside both Asian and many other meals.

Check it here.

5. Kabocha No Nimono (Japanese Simmered Squash)

Kabocha is a bright, sweet squash and this classic Japanese way of preparing it, kabocha no nimono, really brings out the best in it. Tender, flavorful and with such a great rounded flavor.

Check it here.

4. Japanese Hamburg Steak (Hambagu)

Japanese Hamburg Steak is moist, juicy and served with a sweet tangy ketchup-based sauce. It is perfect for dinner, lunch box and also child-friendly.

Check it here.

3. Instant Pot Sushi Rice – Popular Japanese Food

This Instant pot sushi rice, is a contemporary version of classic sushi rice recipe. The recipe is bundled to a much simpler form that you can ever imagine.

Check it here.

2. Spicy Teriyaki Sauce – Easy Japanese Recipe

How to make spicy teriyaki sauce? This recipe is easy and straightforward, best for healthy vegan dinner. Use this sauce for stir fry and as the marinade. The main ingredients are soy sauce, cornstarch, brown sugar.

Check it here.

1. Pressure Cooker Japanese Beef Curry Stew {Instant Pot}

Delicious and complex flavors from this Pressure Cooker Japanese Beef Curry in less than one hour! No more standing over a hot stove for hours.

Check it here.

27 BEST and Easy Japanese Recipes to Make at Home

27 BEST and Easy Japanese Recipes to Make at Home

If you are craving your fave Japanese food, simply prepare the best Japanese recipes at home.
Check out these 27 popular easy Japanese recipes!


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