8 Kitchen Pantry Organization Hacks On A Budget

On the outside, your kitchen may look clutter-free. No jars and utensils on the kitchen counters? Good job! But what about your pantries? Are there just bottles and bottles of condiments that you don’t even know when the expiration date is? What about the sachets, cans, and other cooking utensils? When organizing your kitchen, you should not forget to include your pantry! Sure, it may look like a hassle once you think of starting, but trust me, it is all worth it. And with that said, I have here 8 kitchen pantry organization hacks you can do to make your life a little bit easier! 

1. Organize your foods in mason jars

Use uniform mason jars on your shelves to make it feels bigger. This is a smart trick to help you organize different kinds of foods.

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2. Add a hidden pull-out shelf to organize your canned foods

If you have a huge pile of canned foods and tiny jars and other small pieces of foods, craft yourself this smart shelf. This DIY super-slim shelf can be hidden behind your fridge and you can easily pull it out whenever you need.

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3. Organize small packages of foods in a shoe organizer

Put all of your food packets in a place using a shoe organizer. With this clear organizer, you can easily display snacks and candies too. Make sure you put healthier snacks in the lower pockets so your children can reach it.

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4. Clear Sink Caddies

Anyone else has wire shelves like me? All the little soup envelopes and lemonade packets fall through onto the floor and this little caddy can contain them all. You can buy similar caddies from Amazon or just go to your local dollar store.

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5. Magazine Holders

These can be used in so many different ways.

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6. Cans

Such a great idea for cans. I would have one for cream-of soups and one for fruits. I have tons of both. This soup can organizer is really cool.

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7. Under Shelf Racks

Perfect for bread and rolls that you don’t want to be squashed. I like these.

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8. Hang Your Bags Of Chips

Use Command hooks and clips and hang the bags on the sides of your shelves. They won’t get squashed and broken, plus, you can see what you have available before opening a new bag.

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