30 Healthy Spring Produce Recipes | Fresh Spring Recipes

As soon as the first signs of spring appear, you will notice an abundance of green vegetables such as spring pea, asparagus, spinach, artichokes,  rhubarb and more! This means you’ll have more options for eating healthily over the season. As a result, here are 30 tasty, herby and healthy spring recipes from fresh produce with beautiful spring vegetables you’ll adore! Enjoy with pot pie risotto, pasta salad, ricotta, chive, morel, nettle, radish salad and other spring salads with vibrant spring veggies, lemon zest morel, parsley spice, tarragon chicken, spring lettuce, rhubarb custard cake, chicken thighs, fava beans, deviled eggs, potato salad with fresh herbs perfect for spring. Celebrate spring! It’s so easy with favorite spring dinner recipes! Be full of spring greens!

30. Roasted Asparagus Salad with Feta

Experience an explosion of taste with this adaptable asparagus salad, showcasing the nutritious vegetable alongside zesty lemon, crisp radishes, creamy feta, and a delectable one of our favorite Dijon sauce.

In search of a refreshing springtime salad idea? Give this asparagus medley a whirl! Savor the delightful combination of seared asparagus – swiftly cooked in a heated skillet and brightened with a hint of citrus – nestled among fresh greens. Accentuate the dish with the bold contrast of piquant crunchy radishes and briny feta. Complete this culinary masterpiece with a well-rounded Dijon vinaigrette, harmonizing tanginess with rich flavors.


29. Roasted Radishes With Crème Fraîche and Furikake

The starter presented here takes inspiration from the classic pairing of radishes and butter, enhanced by zesty crème fraîche and a dash of piquant furikake with a hint of umami. Although store-bought varieties of this Japanese seasoning exist, our easy homemade blend features a mere five components and can be just as adaptable when used with seafood, steamed rice, popcorn, or oven-cooked veggies.

28. Pork and Roasted Asparagus with Snap Peas Stir-Fry

While roasted asparagus is a delightful dish, it’s hard to compete with the simplicity of a single-skillet, sautéed meal. As soon as asparagus becomes available in the market during this season, we can’t resist incorporating it. However, alternative fresh green vegetables such as green beans or snap peas can be equally suitable for crafting this seasonal delight.

27. Spring Vegetable Tart 

Spring Vegetable Tart is a balanced vegetarian quiche with loads of fresh spring asparagus, sweet bell peppers, tangy purple onion, fluffy eggs, and creamy cheese nestled in a buttery crust. Thank you Milk Means More – United Dairy Industry of Michigan for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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26. Sauteed Asparagus with Garlic, Butter & Parmesan

A quick & easy sauteed asparagus recipe with butter, garlic & shredded Parmesan cheese. In about 10 minutes or less, you’ll have a simple side dish made with real food ingredients to accompany any meal. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of asparagus and why you should eat it with a healthy fat.

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25. Grilled Broccoli {Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, Vegan}

You will love this simple Grilled Broccoli recipe that is healthy, quick, tender and deliciously charred. It is a great side dish for grilling but also weeknight suppers. Suitable for Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo and Vegan diets.

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24. Fiddlehead, Leek and Gruyere Tart

In case you’re not familiar with them, a fiddlehead is the curled, edible shoot of the ostrich fern and is considered a seasonal delicacy in many parts of North America.

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23. Edible Nasturtium Leaves: Foraging for Your Dinner

These stuffed nasturtium leaves are like a forager’s version of Greek dolmades. Edible nasturtium leaves have a peppery flavor. Here, they’re filled with rice and vegetables, but this recipe can be made vegetarian or with meat.

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22. How to Make Rhubarb & Honey Soda (With Lacto-Fermentation!)

I love making probiotic sodas at home. It’s fun and easy, and it’s cool to be in control of how sweet, how fizzy or how tart is turns out. One of the first sodas I made was Elderflower Soda, and after that success, I made a quick batch of Rhubarb Soda, and it was also a hit. Now that it’s almost spring, it’s Rhubarb Season again, so I whipped up the first batch of the year, this time using local honey as well. It’s kind of like lemonade, with a rosy flavor– so nice! Plus… Probiotics! What a nice way to get some more into your family. As with most home fermentation projects, this formula is flexible.

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21. Broccoli Pizza Crust

Pizza can be a girl’s best friend. Yes, I said it. And I meant it. And no, you won’t be the first non-believer. If I had a nickel for every person who thinks I can’t make my favorite comfort foods both delicious and healthy, I’d be rich. It’s true that I try not to eat grains, and I don’t eat cheese. 

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20. Raw Corn And Fresh Spring Vegetable Spinach Salad

This raw corn and vegetable salad is a great way to incorporate more raw foods into your diet…

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19. Gluten Free Breakfast Tacos with Mango Habanero Salsa

These spring onion breakfast tacos are a crowd-pleasing breakfast. Topped with my favorite mango habanero salsa, these are hard to resist. If you are a breakfast lover like we are, you will want to check out all of my delicious gluten free breakfast recipes!

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18. No Churn Rhubarb Ice-Cream

No Churn Rhubarb Ice-Cream ~ You may have noticed that many of my recent recipes have had a bit of a recurring theme. The theme? Rhubarb!

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17. Mushroom Asparagus Pasta

This Mushroom Asparagus Pasta recipe is the perfect recipe for those days when you just want something simple (but soooo good). It is made with everyday ingredients, vegetarian and quick aka ready in only 20 mins!

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16. Creamy Pesto Penne Pasta with Tomatoes & Asparagus

A quick and easy penne pasta recipe with tomatoes, asparagus, onion, and a creamy pesto sauce made with coconut milk. A simple vegetarian meal that’s packed full of flavor!

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Spring Recipes for Kids

Thinking of creative and fun desserts to serve for spring and Easter? Here are 15 fun and easy recipes you can do with your kids!

15. Gluten Free Surprise Inside Jelly Bean Cake

This surprise inside cake recipe is pure fun for Easter or any springtime celebration – baby showers, school celebrations, outdoor birthday parties, and spring cookouts.

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14. Instant Pot Rainbow Bundt Cake

Guys, you can make Instant Pot Cake very easily. You use everyday staples and with 10 mins of effort you end up with a fluffy, colourful Instant Pot Rainbow Bundt Cake that appeals to kids big and small.

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13. Carrot Pizza with Carrot Pizza Sauce 

This carrot pizza has carrot in the base and in the carrot pizza sauce! The carrot gives it a subtly sweet flavour and adds a lovely orange colour.

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12. Fruit Pancake Pizza

Then some days I love my job even more. Today is one of those days because I get to tell you guys about a fabulous book and cook up a really fun fruit pancake pizza AND get the kids involved in cooking. What more can I ask for?  See more Delicious Dessert Pizza Recipes.

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11. How to Make Bacon Roses and Strawberry Hearts for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Green Salad

If you’re looking to make the perfect Valentine’s Day salad, I’ll show you how to make bacon roses and strawberry hearts, perfect for dressing up your salads or garnishing your holiday plates year round!

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10. Paleo Homemade Marshmallow Peeps (Also GAPS friendly)

Avoid the corn syrup and artificial colors when you make these healthier homemade marshmallow peeps. It’s a fun Easter activity that isn’t as difficult as you might think.

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9. Cookie Chicks -Perfect Spring Treat 

This is an Easy and delicious Easter treat your family will love! Nothing is cuter than Cookie Chicks! Best of all they’re a tasty Spring cookie.

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8. Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups Dessert Recipe for Spring

My family happens to love pudding cups. They also love dirt pudding. I have made dirt pudding in the past for Halloween. Plus, I have also made a modified version for summer time, too.

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7.  3 Ingredient S’more Easter Bunny Burrows: A No Bake Easter Treat & Craft

“Warm.” “Waaarmer” …. “Cold.” “Warm.” “Colder”…. “HOT!” It was a ritual we went through every Easter as kids, as we hunted our living room for chocolate. Although, I’ll admit that it started to feel a bit ridiculous as a 20-something

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6. Easter Bunny Cake Recipe

This simply jaw-dropping Easter bunny cake will definitely be the highlight of your Easter dinner! It is so delicious, adorable, and so easy to make! Preparation and assembly are extremely easy, and anyone can make this cake! It is tasty as well as beautiful and such a great dessert!

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5. Easter Peeps Cupcakes Recipe

These Easter peeps cupcakes are so cute, adorable, and so yummy! Kids will absolutely love these fun cupcakes, and they are perfect for Easter parties or lunches. They are so cute, as well as easy to make, and they are a must have for Easter!

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4. Pretzel Candy {Easy Flower Pretzel Bites}

We love making Pretzel Candy in our house! These Flower Pretzel Bites are a great reminder that spring is right around the corner, and they only need three ingredients. Keeping reading for my favorite Pretzel Candy recipe…

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3. Dairy Free Bunny Pancakes Recipe

The kids are going to LOVE these dairy free bunny pancakes! What better way to start a Spring morning than with one of these delicious dairy free pancakes that is shaped like a bunny.

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2. Chocolate Coated Strawberries

These chocolate coated strawberries would make the PERFECT easy Valentine’s Day treat! Super simple to make, fun to decorate, and a great way to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to eat more fruit.

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1. Healthy Fruit Pizza Cookies – Low Carb, Keto, THM S

These Healthy Fruit Pizza Cookies are as tasty as they are pretty. With a shortbread crust, whipped cream cheese icing, and fresh berries they are the perfect dessert for Mother’s Day or any other time of year.

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30 Healthy Spring Produce Recipes | Fresh Spring Recipes

30 Healthy Spring Produce Recipes | Fresh Spring Recipes

As soon as the first signs of spring appear, you will notice an abundance of green vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, artichokes, and more! This means you'll have more options for eating healthily over the season. As a result, here are 15 tasty and healthy spring produce recipes you'll adore!


  • Spring Vegetable Tart
  • Sauteed Asparagus with Garlic, Butter & Parmesan
  • Grilled Broccoli
  • Fiddlehead, Leek and Gruyere Tart


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