Valentine’s Cupcakes – How to Decorate Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to treat your special someone than with a sweet cupcake you personally decorated and made? With that said, here are 15 Valentine’s Day cupcakes and decoration ideas you can do! 

15. Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream Frosting for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream Frosting are a special treat for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. Skip the hidden truffle inside if you prefer.

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14. Personalized Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Show someone how much you love them on Valentine’s Day with Personalized Conversation Heart Cupcakes. Fondant hearts, decorated with colorful sugars and personalized with names on top of cupcakes will make everyone feel special. Easy to make as an edible craft project, both kids and adults will have fun making Valentine cupcakes!

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13. Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes are kicked up a notch with delightfully fluffy strawberry icing and a crunchy topping. These nostalgic strawberry crunch cupcakes capture all the flavors of a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Their pretty pink color makes them the perfect Valentine’s Day cupcake or a great treat for a baby shower or any other fun pink occasion. 

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12. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream

A velvety cupcake topped with a rich and creamy buttercream frosting is always a treat. These Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream are the perfect something sweet for sharing with someone special in your life.

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11. Mandarin Cupcakes 

Take your first bite into one of these Mandarin Cupcakes and you instantly get a burst of juices exploding in your mouth! Then comes the delicious flavour of the sponge, infused with mandarins, light, moist and with the addition of a cheeky mandarin infused freshly whipped cream topping all over these little cakes, what more could you ask for?!

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10. Rhubarb Cupcakes with White Chocolate & Rosemary Buttercream

Make these pastel pink Rhubarb Cupcakes with white chocolate and rosemary buttercream frosting for your baby shower, Easter or Mother’s Day!

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9. Love Stitch Cupcakes for All Your Loves Recipe Tutorial

This Love Stitch Cupcakes for All Your Loves Recipe contains Amazon links. Please note, as an affiliate marketer for them, clicking and purchasing from these links results in me making a small commission from this action.

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8. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me – you’ll be wondering what on earth you can buy or make for your loved one. I have always been pretty useless at gift buying, but baking? Now you’re talking my language!

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7. Pink Champagne Cupcakes

The best recipe for Pink Champagne Cupcakes with bubbly sweet champagne flavor, perfect for special occasions.

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6. Red Velvet Cakelets

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This year make your Valentine a homemade treat perfect for the occasion. Or even better, make a date out of it and bake these Red Velvet Cakelets together! It’ll be fun I promise!!!

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5. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Heart Cut-Out Valentine Cupcakes

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Heart Cut-Out Valentines Cupcakes – a long title for a simple chocolate cupcake with a ganache filled heart topped with sprinkles. Perfect for your Valentine!

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4. Chocolate Cupcakes – The Best Chocolate Cupcakes You’ll Ever Make

My chocolate cupcakes are moist and light, dome wonderfully, and have an amazing, strong chocolate taste. Most people think that they are better than any cake mix and just as good, if not better, than those at their favorite bakery.

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3. Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

These strawberry cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and loaded with fresh strawberries! Frost them with whichever strawberry frosting you like: strawberry buttercream, strawberry cream cheese frosting, or strawberry whipped cream.

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2. Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes

Celebrate summer with these Strawberries and Cream cupcakes. Light and fluffy sultana cakes filled with strawberry jam and finished with clotted cream buttercream and fresh fruit. The traditional cream tea in cake form!

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1. Valentine’s Cupcakes

These conversation heart Valentine’s Cupcakes are sure to get your kids talking! They are the perfect sweet Valentine’s Day treats.

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