TOP-10 Yoga Poses for Beginners – Watch Yoga for Beginners Best Videos

If you are reading this post, you know one thing for sure – that yoga has great health benefits, but that’s very generic understanding. I will give you some more details on how your health can improve before we jump to learning the Top-12 yoga poses for beginners I gathered for your today.

So, yoga will, directly and indirectly, address the following issues you might experience with your body:

  • Your muscles will become stronger
  • Your body will be more flexible (learn from this post the best yoga poses for flexibility);
  • Metabolism improves and thus your body starts burning fat, as a result – see how helpful is yoga for weight loss;
  • Stress and tension releasing.

When you look at yoga poses, especially the beginner flows, it might seem like yogis are just frozen in a simple position. You might be thinking, how can it help me get fit or healthy?

Well, first it depends on the position itself, second, you have to do it right to feel the muscles stretching or working.

You will be surprised to know that some people can even get injuries by simply staying still in some yoga poses – that’s because they opened some random video on Youtube and jumped to a very difficult yoga flow meant for advanced yogis.

Don’t risk your health and don’t experiment with anything that is not meant for beginners in yoga because risks are high, especially for your spine. You need to start with the best yoga poses for beginners suggested in my post, master those and slowly increase the difficulty of your yoga flows.

How long do you stay in a yoga pose?

As this post is meant for beginners, you can start with keeping poses for 5-10 breaths. If you are used to counting in seconds, 30 seconds for each pose should be good for starters, but keep in mind that you will need to increase it up to 1 min. With practice, you will be able to hold asanas for around 3 minutes or about 30 breaths.

How do you start doing yoga?

You can start doing yoga at home, there is plenty of information with very detailed tutorials from the best Yoga instructors, lots of videos available for free on YouTube.

If you can find 45 min twice a week for your yoga practice, that would be ideal for a beginner. To do all the 12 yoga poses listed in this pose, 15 minutes should be enough but you can create for yourself longer flows, starting with thorough 15- minute stretch routine and then extending it by 30 minutes learning more advanced asanas.

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Yoga poses for beginners – TOP-10 for a short Beginner Yoga flow

1. Mountain Pose

You’ve probably heard the word asana, right? The meaning is a direct translation from Sanskrit – “posture“. So yoga is an art of staying still in a certain posture.

The Mountain pose seems very easy, but you have to keep your spine straight and hold this pose for a full minute. You need to feel your chest open while your palms should be facing inwards towards the body.

2. Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose is an essential yoga pose for beginners and it’s a part of a traditional Sun Salutation flow and it’s amazing to work with so many groups of your muscles.

You will watch the video and understand exactly how to do this pose, I just wanted to focus your attention on your heels. It’s quite challenging for beginners to get them to the floor, so if it’s your case, you can stay on the balls of your feet.

3. Plank Pose

When you keep this posture, your torso should be in a flat position, and it’s far from being an easy yoga pose as it might seem to you. It works out all your abdominal muscles while strengthening your spine and arms – everything has to work together to create a balanced and straight plank pose.

4. Triangle Yoga pose (Trikonasana)

This is a great standing posture helping you to tone the entire body: your waist is stretched from both sides while you work on the flexibility of the legs.

5. Tree Yoga Pose

This posture is a great standing yoga pose for beginners which teaches you to gain focus and clarity and learn to breathe while standing and keeping the body balanced on one foot.

6. Warrior 1 Yoga Pose for Beginners

This pose is great for stretching your front body at the same time as your legs, buttocks, hips and upper body are also stretched.

7. Warrior 2

Warrior 2 opens your external hip and inner thighs. Your feet should be about one of your leg’s length apart from each other.

8. Seated Forward Bend

This yoga pose will teach you to breathe in a right way even in uncomfortable postures. It also helps you stretch the hamstrings, lower and upper back and sides. In this pose, you might start feeling some tension as your muscles are stretching. Don’t panic and keep breathing calmly as yoga practice requires, but don’t tolerate any sharp pain, better back off and try slowly again, with time it will become much easier as your muscles get used to the new levels of flexibility.

9. Bridge Pose

This pose is good to stretch a beginner’s front body and strengthen your back.

10. Child’s Pose

This yoga pose is great not just for beginners – it’s an amazing resting pose used by all yogis at all levels. I would recommend this pose even apart from your yoga flow, whenever you feel tired or stressed or before going to bed, to calm your body and mind after a day of work.

If you’d like to get back to these Yoga poses videos and practice them regularly, just save THIS PIN or the image below to your Yoga for Beginners or Yoga Pinterest board 🙂

TOP-10 Yoga Poses for Beginners – master the most basic beginner yoga poses and get your body ready for more advanced practice! Check here yoga for beginners video instructions and learn to do these poses the right way. Starting with yoga poses for beginners will prepare you and prevent any injury risk.


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