40+ Best High-Protein Snacks to Keep You Feeling Full

Satisfy your hunger and tame your cravings swiftly with these delectable high-protein nibbles.

Protein is an excellent option for satiation without depending on carbohydrates.

With 41 delightful sweet and savory options on this roster, you’ll never run out of inspiration between lunch and dinner.

Indulge in a tender lentil-based muffin, bite-sized burritos, or an almond-infused quinoa energy snack to conquer the afternoon lull.

No need to sacrifice your favorite sugary indulgences as you cut down on carbs.

Sample peanut butter-infused frozen yogurt, chia seed-infused pudding, or fruit-filled granola parfaits for desserts that boast high protein content while keeping sugar levels low.

These alluring delicacies are far too appetizing to be considered mere diet fare!

best high protein snacks

41. Crispy Fried Cod Fish Sticks

These Crunchy Pan-Fried Cod Fish Bites are incredibly crispy and will be an instant hit for both kids and adults.

To make these cod fish bites, just dip them in whisked eggs, then coat them in breadcrumbs before frying in a hot pan with oil.

In approximately 20 minutes, these delightful crispy bites will be ready to serve, satisfying everyone in the family.

Cod is an appealing choice because it’s a mild, white fish with a firm texture. It’s high in protein and packed with B vitamins and minerals.


40. No-Bake Keto Sugar-Free Cinnamon Protein Balls

These cinnamon protein energy bites require only five ingredients and take just a few moments to prepare. They’re filled with healthy components and make a perfect snack or quick breakfast for busy mornings.

Finding a healthy snack can be challenging, but energy bites offer a sweet, portable, easy-to-make solution that can be customized to your liking.


39. Roasted Chickpeas  

This homemade recipe guides you through the steps to achieve perfectly crispy chickpeas every time and offers some seasoning suggestions with aromatic spices and fresh herbs.

Enjoy them by the handful whenever you’re hungry, or add them to salads and soups as an alternative to croutons.


38. Turkey Cheddar Roll Ups

These small turkey nibbles are perfect for lunchboxes, snacks, light meals, or gatherings.

With a straightforward yet delightful combination of thick turkey slices encasing a filling of cream cheese and lettuce, these bites don’t require bread to be a fantastic wrap. Grab a package of turkey during your next deli visit, and your lunches are set for the week!


37. Chicken Salad Bites

This chicken salad is irresistibly sweet, savory, and creamy.

Featuring tender white chicken pieces enveloped in a rich yogurt dressing, this salad is further enhanced by the crunchiness of chopped walnuts and the perfect sweetness from dried cranberries.

Serve the salad in pastry cups, and be sure to set some aside for yourself before your guests devour them all.


36. Ham Roll Ups

These ham spirals are a surprisingly uncomplicated appetizer that works well for both individual snacking and serving a group.

With only three ingredients, they’re a breeze to prepare! Just roll slices of deli ham around a filling of cream cheese and pickles.


35. Crispy Baked Tofu Nuggets

These plant-based bites offer a vegan twist on traditional fried chicken fingers, and they’re just as tasty (seriously!)

Golden and crispy, these baked nuggets are made by coating firm tofu pieces in seasoned breadcrumbs.

Be sure to make extra, as they’re incredibly tempting! Pair them with your choice of dip, salsa, or sauce for a delightful dunking experience.


34. Chocolate Lentil Protein Muffins

These scrumptious, moist muffins will make you fall head over heels for lentils.

Showcasing that neither flour nor sugar is necessary for creating delectable baked treats, these muffins combine banana, cooked lentils, coconut oil, and eggs, making them gluten-free and dairy-free.

Perfect for a protein-packed breakfast on-the-go, these rich chocolate muffins are also a hit with children.

To help your little ones transition away from sugary treats, include these muffins in their lunchboxes for a satisfying surprise.


33. Deviled Eggs

Stuffed eggs are a classic appetizer that never fails to impress. Creamy and fulfilling, they’re an excellent way to boost your protein intake during social gatherings.

Preparing these eggs is a breeze, with assembly taking about 15 minutes (even less if you have pre-boiled eggs on hand).


32. Roasted Pumpkin Seed Hummus

Not a fan of chickpeas? No worries, you can still savor velvety hummus-like dips.

This recipe offers a flavorful alternative to traditional hummus, showcasing the rich, nutty taste of roasted pepitas.

Smoked paprika lends a delightful spiciness, while garlic and lemon contribute a tangy zing.

This nutrient-dense dip is perfect for spreading on crackers and enjoying as a snack.


31. Tuna and Crackers

These charming little bites are an excellent appetizer for gatherings, potlucks, or standard family dinners.

Spoon a generous amount of creamy tuna salad onto bite-sized crackers for protein-packed snacks that are both satisfying and light.


30. Cheesy Kale Chips

Caution – once you discover how scrumptious kale can be in crisp form, you might develop an obsession with this antioxidant-rich leafy green.

This delectable vegan recipe demonstrates the process. Simply coat chopped kale with a seasoning mixture made from cashews, sunflower seeds, and garlic.

Bake until crispy and savor the result.

You’ll be amazed that there’s no actual cheese in these “cheesy” crisps!


29. Almond Quinoa Energy Bars – High Protein Bars to Keep You Full

These energizing snack bars provide a sweet lift for your mind, body, and stomach.

Slip them into lunchboxes, keep them on the counter, or bring them to work.

Their convenience for travel and storage makes them ideal for on-the-go munching.

These bars is packed with more than 10 grams of protein per serving.


28. Mini-Burritos – Delicious High-protein Snack

Charming and delicious, these mini burritos have become my latest favorite appetizer.

Stuffed with zesty meat, gooey cheese, and tender beans, you won’t be able to resist having more than one!


27. Trail Mix – Healthy High-protein Recipe

Creating your own trail mix is fantastic because you can not only control the ingredients, but you’ll also have a healthy option at your fingertips when cravings hit.

This variation features a blend of seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate chips for an energy-enhancing snack.


26. Almond Sesame Crackers

Crafted with almond flour and sesame seeds, these paleo-friendly delights are packed with heart-healthy components.

They’re also incredibly simple to prepare, taking just 20 minutes. Enjoy them on their own or make a large batch to accompany your preferred dip.


25. Roasted Edamame

For a salty crunch without the carbs, give these irresistibly tasty soybean snacks a try.

Oven-baked edamame is sprinkled with sea salt, but you can experiment with different seasonings as well.

Add some heat with a touch of cayenne, or create a taco flavor with cumin and paprika.


24. Hummus

Creating your own hummus is a breeze, so skip the store-bought version and opt for this straightforward recipe.

Combining chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon, this dish is an excellent source of plant-based protein.


23. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent option for those seeking a satisfying snack while dieting. Its rich, creamy texture means just a few spoonfuls at breakfast can keep you full all morning.

Consider making your own yogurt using a wholesome DIY recipe or opt for store-bought alternatives.

However, always check the labels, as many brands contain sweeteners and flavorings that could disrupt your dieting efforts.


22. Pita Pizzas – Healthy High-protein Snack

These charming pizzas are versatile enough to be served as a snack, a light dish, or an appetizer.

With several topping suggestions provided, you can customize to your liking.

Experiment with buffalo chicken, a classic combination, or even strawberry for a sweet twist.


21. Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is my go-to summer treat, especially when it’s infused with velvety peanut butter and chocolate chips!

No ice cream maker? No worries! Simply pour the mixture into a container and freeze for several hours.


20. Black Bean Dip – Much Protein for Game Day

Ideal for game day, this velvety dip boasts both protein and taste.

It features tender black beans, zesty jalapenos, garlic, and tangy lime juice.

Skip the chips if you’re on a low-carb diet and enjoy it with nutritious veggies such as cucumber, carrots, or celery.


19. Hard Boiled Eggs – High Protein Snack

Eggs are a speedy, convenient snack to keep you full between meals.

However, cooking them properly can be tricky.

If you’ve ever struggled with overcooked eggs, be sure to explore this comprehensive guide on how to achieve flawless boiled eggs every time.


18. Salted Edamame

When the urge for salty snacks hits, resist the temptation to grab a bag of chips. Opt for this healthier yet equally enticing alternative instead.

Comprised of soybeans and salt, this straightforward snack requires no explanation.


17. Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are remarkable, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and serving as a fantastic thickener for puddings.

This recipe blends chia seeds with peanut butter and plant-based milk for a wholesome vegan dessert.

With no added sugar and only natural sweeteners like dates and maple syrup, you can indulge guilt-free in this delightful dish.


16. Cottage Cheese Toasts

These crispy delights are not only protein-rich but also high in calcium, making them a highly nutritious snack option.

Creamy cottage cheese is layered onto small toast triangles and garnished with fresh vegetables.


15. Low Carb Double Chocolate Protein Muffins Recipe

These low carb double chocolate protein muffins are easy to make, moist & delicious. This healthy protein muffin recipe needs just 10 minutes prep time!

Check it here.

14. Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats with Banana

Craving something sweet but healthy for breakfast? These chocolate protein overnight oats are high protein, healthy and flavorful!

Check it here.

13. Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding

This Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding is light, smooth, thick and creamy just like delicious chocolate mousse. It takes just 2 minutes to prepare so before you know it’s you’ll be digging into this protein-packed, nutritious chia pudding that’s sure to be a new favourite!

Check it here.

12. Protein Waffles with Greek Yogurt

Protein Waffles are made with plant based protein powder, Greek yogurt, eggs, oats and no flour or added sugar. This protein waffle recipe is super easy to make and even more delicious to eat.

Check it here.

11. Blueberry Banana Spinach High Protein Smoothie

This blueberry banana spinach smoothie is a healthy way to start your day! With just 6 ingredients and easy to customize, it takes less than 5 minutes to make. It’s creamy, filling, naturally sweet, and so nutritious!

Check it here.

10. Easy No Bake Breakfast Balls Recipe Great for a Quick Healthy Meal

Energy ball recipes are a super easy to make and are a great idea for portable breakfasts or on the go snack for busy mornings. This is a great recipe that can be easily adapted to create your kids favorite breakfast ball!

Check it here.

9. Chili Lime Spiced Nuts

Chili Lime Spiced Nuts are delicious snacks, and they also make great gifts. Edible, homemade gifts are always universally welcomed. I love to have these spicy snacks on hand to put out when there is a party or gathering.

Check it here.

8. Fish Ceviche Recipe (How to Make Ceviche)

Have you ever wanted to learn How to Make Ceviche? A perfect summer appetizer or light dinner, this Classic Fish Ceviche Recipe is made with cubes of fresh snapper and halibut cooked in lime juice and mixed with shallots, chili peppers, bell pepper, and fresh cilantro. Serve with chips, fresh tortillas, avocado, or plantain, and enjoy with friends and family all summer long!

Check it here.

7. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Irresistibly creamy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe made with sweet roasted red bell peppers, creamy tahini, garlic, and protein-packed chickpeas. Super simple to make and a million times better than anything you’ll find at the store!

Check it here.

6. Healthy Ceviche Recipe

Seafood can be delicate and exquisite. And, when prepared carefully, provides a wealth of health benefits. A ceviche recipe (pronounced suh-vee-chey) raises the question of whether raw fish is safe to eat. And if so, how does it promote health?

Check it here.

5. Simple Crunchy Oatmeal Protein Cookies

Oatmeal protein cookies are easy, vegan, & gluten-free! Using peanut butter, flax, & cinnamon, they make a yummy, & healthy breakfast option!

Check it here.

4. Keto Chocolate Protein Ice Cream Recipe

This low carb, high protein ice cream recipe tastes exactly like regular chocolate ice cream! You’d never guess this smooth, sweet, and creamy protein powder ice cream has 13g protein and 1g sugar per serving.

Check it here.

3. Easy Chia Energy Balls (No Bake) Chia Seeds For Energy

While these chia energy balls are super nutritious, they’re also yummy. So they’re an awesome snack for adults and kids. Basically, a good for you snack that tastes so good, it feels like you’re indulging. What could be better?

Check it here.

2. Homemade Gluten-Free + Vegan Goldfish (Allergy-Free, Grain-Free)

Nothing says childhood more than Goldfish crackers! Now you can make your own Homemade Gluten-Free & Vegan Goldfish that are top 8 allergy-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and secretly protein-packed! A healthy snack recipe mom’s and kids will love!

Check it here.

1. Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites

The refreshing taste of mint paired with decadent chocolate is a match made in flavor heaven. These Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites provide a hefty dose of flavor along with whole grain oats and sunflower seeds, making them the perfect gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan energy snack!

Check it here.

high protein snacks

40+ Best High-Protein Snacks to Keep You Feeling Full

best high protein snacks

Whether you're adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, exploring paleo, or simply monitoring your calorie intake, these high-protein snack recipes will surely be a hit.


  • Low Carb Double Chocolate Protein Muffins Recipe
  • Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats with Banana
  • Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding
  • Blueberry Banana Spinach Smoothie


  1. Сhoose any Healthy High Protein Snack Recipes To Keep You Full from the post that you like
  2. Click on the link below the photo to get the full recipes and instructions.
  3. Try the best Healthy High Protein Snack Recipes To Keep You Full and share your photo under my pin on Pinterest!


  • Choose any Healthy High Protein Snack Recipes To Keep You Full from the post that you like
  • Click on the link below the photo to get the full recipes and instructions.
  • Try the best Healthy High Protein Snack Recipes To Keep You Full and share your photo under my pin on Pinterest!
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