Looking for a perfect mood on October 31? With these Halloween Themed Cocktails, Mocktails and Punches your Halloween party will be unforgettable. Enjoy this roundup of delicious, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

You might also want to make sure your guests have some Halloween food to accompany the drinks in this post. To help you in planning the party, I also made a list of 50 DIY Halloween Costume ideas and the best DIY Halloween decorations for outdoor and home decor

But let’s get back to our list of amazing cocktails that will whet your appetite!

15. Make Halloween Bearable with this Zombie Cocktail – Bacon is Magic

The zombie cocktail may be a spellbinding hit at Halloween but it was actually named because it turns the person drinking it into a zombie.

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14. Green Swamp Punch for Halloween

I think I love Halloween more as an adult than I did as a child because I can decorate the house, dress up in a costume and make fun Halloween party drinks and snacks.

I can even eat all the candy in the world, and my mom can’t stop me.

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13. FrankenSmoothie: A Kid-Friendly Green Smoothie

With our oldest going through an all-things Frankenstein stage (check out his awesome Halloween costume), I decided a Frankenstein smoothie + my delicious green smoothie recipe would be just what our boys needed to up their health…especially with the dreaded cold and flu season being upon us!


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12. Black As Your Soul : Halloween Cocktail

Black As Your Soul is a fun Halloween Cocktail made with lemonade, Bacardi Gold and a pinch of activated charcoal for a spooky-good party drink served in a coupe cocktail glass.


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11. Zombie Cocktail (Tiki Cocktail) – The Little Epicurean

Zombie Cocktail: a delicious yet super potent mixed drink. It’s often said that if you consume multiple servings, you’re guaranteed to turn into a zombie… 

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10. Purple People Eater Colour Changing Halloween Cocktail

Prepare to be spooked by the Purple People Eater colour changing Halloween cocktail! Featuring a natural ingredient with magical colour changing properties.

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9. Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Shot

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an iconic Halloween movie and it deserves to be recognized with a boozy beverage. I nominated myself and I think it turned out pretty damn delicious.

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8. Goosebumps Halloween Punch

This Goosebumps inspired Halloween Punch is bound to be an instant hit at your Halloween party, plus it’s super easy to make!

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7. Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail

The color of this drink has a spooky look to it and the black sanding sugar on the outside is so eerie looking but also adds a sweet finish to each sip.

Fall is such a fun time of the year.  There is a succession of one holiday after another, each one giving opportunities for entertaining, cooking, decorating and enjoying time with friends.

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6. Bloody Martini Halloween Cocktail Recipe – Weekend Craft

Looking for a spooky cocktail for your Halloween party? Try these blood-red pomegranate margaritas! Pomegranate juice blends perfectly with the classic margarita ingredients.

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5. Blood Bags Halloween Drink

Entertain guests at your Halloween party with these fun blood bags! This red Halloween Drink (non-alcoholic) is perfect for filling fake I.V. bags designed specifically for drinks. Learn where to find these bags plus tips for how to fill, clip and display the blood bags. I also share how to make the easiest edible fake blood splatters with just two ingredients. These blood bags make a great accessory to your vampire costume!

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4. Grindelwald’s Goblet – Fantastic Beasts Halloween Cocktail

This color changing Halloween Harry Potter Cocktail celebrates the new movie The Crimes of Grindelwald, and the Harry Potter Universe!

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3. Bourbon Butterbeer – Alcoholic Butterbeer Recipe

We love soWe love some Harry Potter, and this alcoholic butterbeer recipe is an homage to the books (or the movies) whichever!

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2. Black Widow Martini: a Delightfully Dreadful Drink

The kids have all the trick or treat candy to look forward to this Halloween. but unless you are a big fan of Dum Dums and Milky Ways, you are kinda out of luck. UNLESS…you’ve got some fun little Halloween beverages up your witchy sleeve! I think you will happily let the kiddos indulge in their Smarties, while you sit back and enjoy this Cherry Black Widow Martini. And, I’ve joined forces with some other creative evil geniuses to give you several more ghastly concoctions. Check them out at the end of the post.

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1. Vampire Cynar Negroni – Cynar Cocktail

A spooky twist on the classic Negroni cocktail! This Cynar Cocktail is flavorful and made perfect for Halloween with Dry Ice!

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