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Just as the saying goes, “Nothing beats a classic”, and that goes for cakes as well! Sure, all the colorful and sprinkly cakes are delicious and good to look at but there will be days where we want just a simple chocolate cake or a homemade carrot cake.
With that said, here are 15 beautiful and delicious old-fashioned cake recipes you can easily make at home!

Old-Fashioned Cake Recipes

15. Paleo Hummingbird Cake

This Paleo Hummingbird Cake is mind blowing in all the best ways! This grain free cake contains fresh pineapple, banana, coconut and pecans. In addition, there is plenty of cinnamon flavor. This traditionally Southern cake is now a staple in my family!

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14. Carrot Cake

This soft and delicious classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is an Easter staple! Made with pineapples, coconut, carrots, and other simple ingredients.

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13. Gluten-Free Hummingbird Loaf Cake (Vegan)

The sweet and nutty classic Southern dessert now with a gluten-free and vegan recipe! Gluten-Free Hummingbird Loaf Cake topped with a delicious dairy-free cream cheese frosting and packed with pecans, banana, and pineapple!

Check it here.

12. Gluten-Free ‘Pastel de Elote’ Sweet Mexican Corn Cake (Vegan, Allergy-Free)

A lightened up, gluten-free, vegan, & top 8 allergy-free recipe for ‘Pastel de Elote’ Sweet Mexican Corn Cake! This traditional dessert is moist, dense, with a bread pudding like texture. Baked in a bundt pan, with fresh corn, and topped with a light glaze, this treat will be gone in a flash!

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11. Gluten-Free Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Streusel (Vegan, Allergy-Free)

The best Gluten-Free Coffee Cake loaded with cinnamon streusel! This classic cake is vegan, allergy-free, and sugar-free! Baked rich and moist with a dairy-free sour cream and balanced with a decadent and buttery brown sugar cinnamon top and middle layer! A breakfast treat or dessert recipe you will adore!

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10. Chocolate Cake with Coffee Cream and Ganache

Thank heavens we had friends to help us finish this layered chocolate cake with coffee cream and ganache drizzled on top. It was one of those cakes that felt so light you could eat 10 pieces and barely feel it, which is hard to believe considering it’s heavy on the chocolate and cream laden.

Check it here.

9. Berry & Apple Upside Down Bundt Cake

Well friends, I have a delicious treat for you. This Berry & Apple Upside Down Bundt Cake is perfect anytime of the year! Bursting with fresh berries, apples, and just enough sweetness.

Check it here.

8. Irish Cream Molten Chocolate Cake

This molten chocolate cake is a must try because it’s not your typical chocolate cake. Instead of a normal layered fluffy cake, this is a fudge-like cake with crispy edges and a gorgeous mass of melted chocolate on the bottom.

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7. Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake — a ridiculously fluffy and moist chocolate cake made with dark cocoa powder and sour cream.

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Old-Fashioned Cake Recipes

6. Pineapple Cake

This Pineapple Cake is absolutely incredible! A fluffy vanilla cake topped with pineapple rings, a brown sugar crumble, and a brown sugar-lemon glaze. A mash-up of pineapple upside down cake and crumb cake.

Check it here.

5. Applesauce Cake

A simple and cozy Applesauce Cake filled with warm spices and applesauce. Top with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, powdered sugar, or honey.

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4. Mimosa Cake With Limoncello Cream

Mimosa cake with Limoncello cream is a traditional italian dessert for the international women’s day celebrated March 8th. The name of this cake comes from the flower called Mimosa, it has little yellow balls and green leaves.

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3. Buttermilk Chocolate Cake

This buttermilk chocolate cake is hands down one of the richest and most decadent cakes I’ve ever had! This is a 9×13 cake that’s super easy to make and only requires unsweetened cocoa powder, so no fancy chocolate required!

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2. Grandma’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream

Grandma’s Old Fashioned Carrot Cake is a deliciously classic recipe full of carrots, cinnamon, pecans, and raisins. It is sweetened with a little crushed pineapple, which also keeps the cake moist and tender.

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1. Lazy Daisy Cake

I just love old recipes. Making a recipe from years gone by is like a visit with an old friend. It just feels so comfortable and familiar.

Check it here.

15 Classic Cake Recipes

15 Classic Cake Recipes

Just as the saying goes, "Nothing beats a classic", and that goes for cakes as well! Sure, all the colorful and sprinkly cakes are delicious and good to look at but there will be days where we want just a simple chocolate cake or a homemade carrot cake.


  • Paleo Hummingbird Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Gluten-Free Hummingbird Loaf Cake
  • Gluten-Free ‘Pastel de Elote’ Sweet Mexican Corn Cake


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