15 Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Easy DIY Projects Under 30 Minutes

Check out these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids! Most of these budget-friendly DIY projects can be made in less than 30 minutes! All these crafts are great for kids, so you will not need any special tools or experience. Try it with your kids and all your family will have fun and great time together on a holiday! 

15. Watercolor Coffee Filter Turkeys

With just a few supplies, these watercolor coffee filter turkeys are a fun Thanksgiving craft to make with the kids.

Check it here

14. Paper Strip Turkey Craft

Perfect for working on your little ones scissor skills while adding a little texture and color to your craft.

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13. Turkey Leaf Craft Template

Our fall craft template is great for kids of all ages (perfect for preschool and kindergarten), although you can just as easily make this project without the template.

Check it here

12. Feather Letter Turkey

This Thanksgiving craft activity provides an opportunity to practice spelling your child’s name and has a fun seasonal twist. We are making Feather Letter Turkeys.

Check it here

11. Pinecone Turkeys

Thanksgiving crafts for kids – how to make pinecone turkeys using felt, feathers and wiggle eyes!

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10. Fine Motor Activity for Kids : Make Feather Necklaces

Whether you are talking about Thanksgiving, birds, or are just looking for a fun fine motor activity for kids – these feather necklaces will fit the bill.

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9. Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie! Even if your kid’s don’t love the iconic dessert, they will thoroughly enjoy making this paper version.

Check it here

8. Indian Corn Craft and Five Kernels of Corn Legend

Incorporate discussions regarding Native Americans and their role in the birth of Thanksgiving in our nation with a fun craft like this Indian Corn Craft. Take it a step further and share the Legend of the Five Corn Kernals and you’ve got not only a cute, but inspirational and educational craft.

Check it here

7. Turkey Treat Buckets

Looking for an easy Thanksgiving kids craft? These Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Buckets are a simple and quick Thanksgiving craft for kids that’s fun for all ages! Fill them with yummy Thanksgiving treats and give them to your favorite li’l turkey!

Check it here

6. Fork Painted Turkey Craft for Kids

Make an easy turkey by using a fork! This is a simple art project that the kids can make by themselves. If you’re having younger ones do this you can skip the step where you cut out the turkeys face and add in a brown handprint for the face instead!

Check it here

5. Apple Turkey

Whether you make them on Thanksgiving as a fun family activity or have your children make them beforehand to display for a Thanksgiving decoration.

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4. Q-Tip Tree

While this craft isn’t overtly about Thanksgiving, it’s definitely about fall and is the ideal way to keep the kiddos entertained at the kid table while you’re cooking your big meal.

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3. Silly Personalized Footprint Turkey Craft for Kids

A footprint turkey craft is always a basic one to do for Thanksgiving but consider making it more personalized with your child’s face as the turkey!

Check it here

2. Turkey Hat

Make a Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Headband this year as you are gathering up Thanksgiving Crafts. Totally easy and done with paper, this is an easy art project for most kids.

Check it here

1. Native American Pattern Headbands

f your kids love pretend play, they’ll love pouring their creative juices into making their own Native American headbands.

Check it here

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