15 Best Weight Watchers Snacks Ideas With Points – Freestyle WW Snacks

Investing in a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. However, it does not equate to a bunch of hardships along the way. In fact, once you get used to the weight watchers program, you should know that it becomes a lot more enjoyable.

You can forget about counting calories and weighing every meal. The smart point system helps you track your nutritional intake without limiting you to particular food items. Instead, enjoy a variety of delicious snacks to fill you up throughout the day without spoiling your diet with weight watchers snacks.

15 Best Weight Watchers Snacks Ideas With Points – Freestyle WW Snacks

Weight-Watchers Snacks: What You Need To Know

Perhaps not everyone knows that eating snacks throughout the day does not exactly contradict weight loss or weight watcher’s goals. Just because you want to lose or maintain your weight does not mean you have to give up on snacks entirely.

In fact, particular foods like almonds, hummus, and fruits actually promote weight loss. I can share with you which weight watchers snacks are good enough to consume. It is crucial to eat filling but healthful snacks that will help you stay under your calorie limit.

Although it may be difficult to believe, many studies actually support snacking between meals with healthy weight watchers snacks. However, make sure that you do not consume calorie-filled food items that will definitely damage your weight-watchers progress.

The goal is to satiate your hunger and food cravings between meals by consuming healthful snacks. Make sure to avoid snacks that have large amounts of salt, sugar, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fat.

I understand that our daily responsibilities can often leave us tired and hungry. Unfortunately, the more starved we get, the more difficult it becomes to make wise and healthy meal choices. Fortunately, eating good weight watchers snacks during the day can prevent overeating, especially after a long and tiring day at work. 

15 Best Weight Watchers Snacks Ideas With Points – Freestyle WW Snacks

What snacks can I eat to lose weight?

Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and high in protein snacks are generally one of the best options. However, if you are up for a weight loss program, you should opt for weight watchers low point snacks. Luckily, I have some fantastic snack ideas that will hopefully help you stay within your daily point limit.

You can guilt-free eat anything between sweet and savory, as long as it is rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat. While participating in the weight watcher’s program, the idea behind consuming snacks is to help you curb food if craving something savory.

Snacking on weight watchers snacks on the go, such as baby carrots or zucchini sticks, can help you achieve your weight loss goal. You can also invest in greek yogurt with higher protein concentrations and is suitable for your muscle development.

What are some good weight watchers snacks?

If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, then I have got you covered. Contrary to popular belief, indulging in sweet treats do not necessarily mess up your progress. As long as you learn to snack on sweet items that are also rich in protein and fiber, you should be able to satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty while keeping your diet in check.

Some examples are greek yogurt, fruits, and almonds. They may look like simple food items. However, there are tons of ways to spice up these regular snack items and transform them into tasty and mouth-watering snacks. 

What snacks are 0 points on weight watchers?

As a snack lover, you can’t avoid feeling anxious about your food intake from time to time. Luckily, I have both sweet and savory food items that land on the weight watchers snacks 0 points list. We will help you find a delicious treat that hits the spot with zero point recipes.

Some of these include sweet and sour grapes that you can easily prepare at home. It also makes a good and palatable snack for kids. Just make sure to use sugar-free ingredients and a fresh pack of seedless grapes for zero point food.

Another great weight watchers favorite snack you can add to your zero-point list is baked cauliflower. Although it sounds quite strange, this is definitely one of those delicious yet filling side dishes that you can also eat as a snack.

What foods are 1 point on weight watchers?

If you are new to the program, you should know that eating small snacks between meals is necessary. Keeping yourself full and satiated helps you stick to the weight watchers program. If you can’t find zero-point food items that are palatable enough to consume, then you can always check out our low point weight watchers snacks

You can add this to your existing diet plan or try to modify what you already have. It is crucial to maintain a healthy diet without starving yourself too much. Some of these foods can help you stay full and prevent overeating at the end of the day.

Snack on celery with a tablespoon of yogurt, cream cheese, raspberries, strawberries, puffed rice cereals, and so much more. These are all part of the one-point healthy snack list of WW and include some good weight watchers friendly snacks

What chips can I eat on weight watchers?

Did you know that you don’t have to skip on chips to maintain your diet? Even if you follow the weight watchers plan, you do not automatically have to say goodbye to your favorite chips. You can still snack on low point weight watchers snacks, including crackers, nachos, tortilla tips, Doritos, and so much more.

The key is to eat in moderation. For example, some chips such as Tostitos and Doritos have a total of four smart points. However, you can also enjoy the best low point weight watchers snacks, nacho tortilla chips, and other types of crunchy snacks with only 2 points.

What is a good salty snack for weight watchers?

We all have those days wherein we crave a crunchy and salty snack. Luckily, you can prepare your own salty treats using whole foods. You also do not have to worry about putting in too much effort. You can enjoy tons of simple and salty snacks for weight watchers.

For instance, popcorn is a good weight-watchers snack on the go. Despite its bad reputation because of its salt or sugar content, air-popped popcorn is actually a low-calorie snack idea. As long as you avoid putting these extra ingredients, it is a low-calorie whole grain filled with fiber.

Overall, eating snacks in moderation will not harm your diet. Just make sure to opt for unprocessed food choices instead of your typical store-bought junk food. Snacking on low-fat cheese is a great way to lower your fat count and gain a moderate amount of protein, calcium, and other vitamins.

weight watchers snacks recipes

15. Mounds Bars With Just 3 Ingredients

You will go crazy for these 3 ingredient coconut cream bars!! They are easy to make and taste just like a candy bar!

Check it here

14. Weight Watchers Chex Mix

Snacking can be a problem for me so it is important that I find Weight Watchers recipes that keep my points low! Crunchy snacks are my favorite and this Weight Watchers Chex Mix is so good you won’t miss the calories!

Check it here

13. 2 Ingredient Weight Watchers Bagels

If you are on a weight loss program, you probably thought bagels were off-limits and normally you’d be right. But these 2 Ingredient Weight Watchers Bagels are a game-changer. This is one of my most popular recipes of all time because they are delicious and easy to make.

Check it here

12. 2 Ingredient Brownies

Don’t be scared of these 2 Ingredient Brownies. Seriously they are so moist you will be shocked after they come out of the oven!

Check it here

11. Fried Pickles Recipe

Pour oil in a large skillet until the oil is about 1-2 inches up the side of the pan. Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Check it here

10. 0 Smart Point Salsa

The weather here in North Dakota has got me dreaming of Summer days out by the lake or in my backyard hanging out in my patio. 

Check it here

9. No Bake Payday Nut Squares

This is one of those recipes that I’m almost embarrassed to share. Don’t get me wrong. These little squares are quite tasty. It’s just that they’re so easy to make that it seems almost wrong.

Check it here

8. Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cookies

Quick and easy 4-ingredient little flourless peanut butter cookies with just 1 WW Point each! It is one of our favourite recipe!

Check it here

7. Weight Watchers 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

The best 3 ingredient Weight Watchers peanut butter cookies. If you are looking for an easy Weight Watchers dessert this is a must recipe to have in your recipe box. Flourless Weight Watchers diet-friendly cookies you can mix up in under 10 minutes.

Check it here

6. Weight Watchers Cinnamon Sugar Pizza

This Weight Watchers recipe is easy to make and super yummy. It is one of my favourite recipe!
Simple WW recipe for the BEST breakfast, treat, snack or dessert. Check here for more Weight Watchers pizza recipes.

Check it here

5. Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe

This Strawberry Cake is inspired by farm-fresh, hand-picked strawberries. Every time I take the kid’s berry picking, I think to myself, “I could totally do this. I could farm… It’s hard work, but peaceful and gratifying.”

Check it here

4. Weight Watchers Cajun Shrimp Cups

These make beautiful appetizers for a social gathering. They are also a perfect main dish recipe.

Check it here

3. Banana Yogurt Bread – Easy WW Snack Idea (4 points) 

This super easy banana bread is moist but light and is just 4 Smart Points per serving on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. 

Check it here

2. Try This Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes – Healthy Weight Watchers Dessert 

OMG Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are individual portions of traditional pumpkin pie with a great combination of texture and yummy pumpkin and spice flavor.

Check it here

1.Banana Fritters – Best WW Dessert with 5 Points per Portion!

These banana fritters take minutes to make and are a tasty & satisfying Weight Watchers dessert. Each banana fritter is 5 SmartPoints on the Weight Watchers Flex & Freestyle program. By substituting the sugar with granulated sweetener you could reduce the points even further.

Check it here



15 Best Weight Watchers Snacks Ideas With Points - WW Freestyle Snacks

weight watchers snacks recipes

Looking for easy Weight Watchers snacks to eat them on the go or whenever you need extra energy with super low or even zero points? Check them here!


  • Nuts or seeds
  • Hummus or low-fat cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Dark chocolate bar


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