Are air fryers good for vegans?

Air fryers are very versatile cooking equipment in which you can cook all sorts of things in it. What air fryers do is it continuously circulates hot air around the food you are preparing which allows it to ‘fry’ your food using the smallest amount of oil or cooking spray Yes, your food will still achieve its intended crispiness. This in itself makes air fryers better than pan-frying as it sometimes requires a hefty amount of oil. Another bonus is that there is lesser cleaning time as you don’t have to wipe off the hot oil splatters on your counter and deal with the hot oil bubbling up. You can cook a variety of food in your air fryers including frozen food. People usually use air fryers to cook chicken, French fries, dumplings, and many more. And since we have now vegan alternatives to almost any type of food, this means that vegan ingredients will still do best in air fryers.

Are air fryers healthy?

When you think about fried crispy food, it being healthy is not really what comes into your mind, right? And that is usually true. But when your food is fried using an air fryer, then that’s a different case. Air fryers are definitely a healthier alternative to regular fryers because the equipment requires very little to no fraction of oil. So instead of submerging your food into oil as what you do with regular fryers, air fryers require maybe just a teaspoon or tablespoon of oil to achieve that similar taste and crispy texture with deep-fried foods.

And if you are on a weight loss journey, then you would know that you should avoid deep-fried foods because it is high in fat and calories. Switching to an air fryer is definitely a healthier and better alternative if you want to cut down on your calories. This means that air fryers cut calories by 70% to 80% and produce a lot less fat.

Furthermore, cooking with lots of oil and consuming deep-fried foods are regularly linked to many health risks and conditions including the development of some cancer cases like ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and more. Switching to air frying will definitely lower your risk of these sicknesses because you do not have to deep fry your foods in oil. 

Tofu Air Fryer Recipes

Tofu generally has a lot of health benefits as it is a good source of protein and is packed with all nine essential amino acids. But once you deep fry it in oil, you still make yourself vulnerable to many health risks and conditions. So if you want to find a healthy alternative to fry your tofu, then you might want to switch to air fryers. Don’t worry, you will still achieve that nice crunch and crispiness on your tofu.

Here are some of the tastiest and easiest tofu air fryer recipes.

15. Korean Fried Cauliflower made with an Airfryer 

Getting ready for game day? Looking for a healthier alternative for game day eats? Feed your hunger with this delicious Korean Fried Cauliflower made with an Airfryer, whether you’re cheering on the Blue Jays or watching the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Check it here.

14. The Best Homemade French Fries

I really can’t believe that it took me more than 25 years to figure out, but since making homemade french fries for the first times, I’ve made them dozens of times since.  We actually prefer this homemade french fries recipe over store-bought fries. Our whole family devours them every time we make them!

Check it here.

13. Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

Our perfectly seasoned and crispy air fryer roasted potatoes make the perfect side dish to accompany dinner without heating the house using a large oven!

Check it here.

12. Vegan Southern Style Air Fryer Soy Curls

I’ve got your new favorite quickie dinner – Vegan Southern Style Air Fryer Soy Curls! This recipe is easy, convenient, full of flavor, crunch, and fun to eat as well. They are oil-free, gluten-free, and you can change up the seasoning to suit your mood.

Check it here.

11. Air Fryer Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Air Fryer Roasted Brussels Sprouts~ Delicious, crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside air fryer Brussels sprouts.

Check it here.

10. Your New Fav Snack: Air Fryer Bow Tie Pasta Chips

My newest book, Vegan Cooking for Your Air Fryer, was released this week and I’m thrilled. If you don’t have an air fryer yet check out my post about different air fryers and their accessories.

Check it here.

9. Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potato

Our Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potato recipe results in a sweet potato baked to perfection!

Check it here.

8. Air Fryer Cleo Hollywood Brussels Sprouts

Air Fryer Cleo Hollywood Brussels Sprouts are a delicious and healthy appetizer. The crispy leaves, almonds and capers give the salad a nice crunch.

Check it here.

7. Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

A delicious side dish of crispy brussels sprouts made in the air fryer. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these are a perfect side dish or snack.

Check it here.

6. Potato Fritter Sliders

Potato Fritter Sliders, is a game day twist of the humble Mumbai street food, Vada Pav. A fried potato fritter is stuffed in between dinner rolls, along with sweet and spicy sauces or chutney.

Check it here.

5. Low Carb Air Fryer Radish Hash Browns / Home Fries

Low Carb Air Fryer Radish Hash Browns are Keto Friendly and seriously delicious. Replace Hash Brown Potatoes with these healthy gems.

Check it here.

4.  15-Minute Crispy Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts is a simple and easy to make side dish. You will be amazing at the delicious air fryer vegetable recipes! If you are wondering how to cook Brussel sprouts in the air fryer, we will teach you!

Check it here.

3. The Best Air Fryer Tofu

How do you cook tofu in an air fryer? Tofu can be tricky to cook, but don’t let that stop you! Air Fryer Tofu is a delicious recipe and a simple method for getting a crunchy outside and a soft light inside for all your airfryer tofu bites.

Check it here.

2. Air Fryer Stuffed Eggplant / Bharwan Baingan

Air Fryer Stuffed Eggplant or Bharwan Baingan is a delicious dish made with baby eggplants stuffed with aromatic and flavorful spices. This is made in the Air Fryer, which gives them a wonderful crispy texture. You can enjoy it as an appetizer with chutney, with roti or paratha or as a side with lentils and rice.

Check it here.

1. Creamy & Crispy Air Fryer Avocado Fries

Crispy Air Fryer Avocado Fries with a cool Cilantro Chive Dipping Sauce makes a great appetizer. Creamy and crispy, they cook up to perfection in your Air Fryer.

Check it here.

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